Tasmanian Rain


Country of Origin: Australia
TDS: 17 mg/L
pH: 6.5
Altitude: N/A
Discovery of Source: New

Tasmanian Rain is pure rainwater captured where the air has as low as 10 particles per cubic centimeter compared with the average of between 5,000 and 50,000 particles per cubic centimeter in the northern hemisphere. It is here on the pristine island of Tasmania, near the edge of the world, that the World Meteorological Organization's Baseline Air Monitoring Station records the world's purest air. The rain that is collected by a custom-designed catchment facility has traveled eastward via air currents over Antarctica and10,000 miles of ocean. As a result, Tasmanian Rain contains only 17 parts per million of dissolved solids. Because of its purity and the fact that it is rainwater, the water is exceptionally soft, velvety smooth, and refreshing. Tasmanian Rain is bottled in glass in order to protect the product purity, and the company is proud to be carbon neutral, with water transport and company emissions offset by the planting of trees.

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