Country of Origin: AUSTRIA
TDS: 178
pH: 7.8
Altitude: Styria, Austria
Discovery of Source: Old

Wildalp came to our notice in 2005 on the great water menu at Chez Colette in Paris, where many brands in the Aqua Maestro portfolio are sold. Wildalp is now imported to the US exclusively by Aqua Maestro.

The quality control and procedures at Wildalp are the most stringent in the world. Their regular Wildalp spring water is sourced throughout the year - but the Wildalp BABY water is only harvested at 7 Degrees Celsius during specific lunar cycles. And this Wildalp BABY specialty is the product Aqua Maestro imports.

To most people's taste, it is the sweetest and purest tasting natural water product anywhere. Wildalp's "Very Low Mineral" level of 178 milligrams per liter with a pH of 7.8 has a chemistry featuring 42 mg/l of Calcium, almost no Sodium, minimal Nitrates, and an extremely high natural Oxygen content of 9.2 mg/l. The BABY version is, as the name implies, so pure and healthful that it is specifically indicated for making baby formula. Connoisseurs of all ages love to be "babied" by this delicacy.

Wildalp flows from the Austrian Alps with its point of origin in the Hochschwab massif, which extends over 600 square kilometers to an elevation of over 7,000 feet. The high Hochschwab plateaus are under strict conservation regulations, and the karst limestone rock formation underneath traps a vast reservoir from which Wildalp is ultimately drawn.

Wildalp may help explain all those incredibly healthy looking Austrians at Winter Olympic games!

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