Gleneagles bottled water of Scotland


Country of Origin: SCOTLAND
TDS: 235
pH: 8
Altitude: N/A
Discovery of Source: Ancient

The point of effluence for Gleneagles Natural Mineral Water is in the famous village of Gleneagles, a renowned golfing Mecca and international conference destination. Gleneagles is most famous for its stunning bottle, which has won EPICA (Europe Premier Creative Award), the British Bottlers Institute Gold Award, and the Berkely Festival Gold Award for Packaging, among many others. In the UK, you find Gleneagles in places like St. Andrews, No.1 Aldwych, and the Soho Brasserie. This excellent low mineral water - from Beneath the Rainbow, as etched on every bottle - is a product of heavy rainfall in the Gleneagles Valley that filters into deep caverns over a fifteen year percolation and purification process. Apart from the 8 mg/l of Nitrate, which is slightly above the magic 5 mg level, there's not much of anything in the chemistry of Gleneagles water...which is precisely its appeal.

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