The functional beverage sector is the shining star of the beverage industry today. What started with the launch of drinks designed to help athletes with fluid and electrolyte replacement expanded into energy boosters and beyond. Today's market is becoming flooded with functional drinks designed to do everything from managing appetite to reducing wrinkles.

Health conscious consumers are looking for a nutritious alternative to soft drinks, plain water and other sugary drinks on the market, and continued demand from these active consumers means sales of functional beverages are only going to rise, forcing formulators to push the envelope for new opportunities.

Enhanced water is the other term used in conjunction with functional beverages. And this refers to a water "enhanced" with aroma, flavoring, or additives such as vitamins and energy producing herbs.

Because of the desire to find that perfect beverage, we are adding new products we hope you will find as interesting and functional as flavorful. Keep an eye on this section as we add new products regularly.

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