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Aqua Maestro is privately owned and was incorporated in Florida in 2002. Its operations were established by former Wall Street entrepreneur Gene D. Donney. The company's office is in Boca Raton, Florida; logistics are run from the warehouses located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Aqua Maestro is an outgrowth of its shareholders' personal passion for fine waters, and the role of fine waters in lifestyle and improved health. Prior to formation, a private consulting study convinced the founders of growth possibilities for mineral water and key trends in the non-alcoholic beverage marketplace. The study showed that most Americans buying commercially purified waters were doing so with all good intentions, but with very little knowledge. That simple fact was the basis of Aqua Maestro's business opportunity.

The U.S. bottled water market has largely been a matter of perception until now, with big soft drink and food companies cleverly positioning the products in supermarkets, "C" stores, and gas stations as "natural spring water." Americans are becoming more health conscious and proactive in shaping their lifestyle, and awareness of the differences in bottled water quality is starting to happen.

Aqua Maestro opened with an initial inventory of ten brands, totaling two thousand cases. The original business plan was for home and office delivery of high-end waters to South Floridians who already knew the difference. In short order, the company expanded to the local wholesale market, including restaurants, clubs, and spas. The wholesale expansion has progressed to hotels, resorts, cruise ships, and gourmet grocers.

General acceptance by US hoteliers and restaurateurs of fine waters besides Evian, Perrier, and San Pellegrino has been slow. Unlike their counterparts in Europe, domestic Food & Beverage Managers have only recently started to shift their fine water selections in response to the changing preferences of consumers. By the year 2010, the American fine water consumption paradigm will more closely resemble that of Europe, an important trend in the long-term outlook for Aqua Maestro.

By the middle of 2006, Aqua Maestro carried over one hundred-seventy different items, with inventory in excess of fourty thousand cases, or approximately six hundred thousand bottles. The wholesale client base is across North America and the Caribbean, including well-known hotels. Aqua Maestro ships to retail water lovers in all fifty states, and several countries.

Aqua Maestro, Inc. has received a number of awards, including two of the bottled water industry's highest awards from the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). The awards were for excellence in print and Internet presentation.

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