Perhaps the most amazing thing about Aqua Maestro has been the composition of our retail clientele.

Because Aqua Maestro is based in South Florida, and we deliver with our own vehicles here, we have a disproportionate number of local retail clients. But their demographics are similar to our clientele in the other forty-nine states, plus the retail clients we have in a few foreign countries.

Here are some interesting facts:

Our single largest client group is not the wealthy, it is not the famous, nor is it what is commonly referred to as "health nuts." The plurality of our retail clients by a small steady margin is professionals from the Baby Boom generation. It seems that as the Baby Boomers are getting older and have more disposable income, they develop greater interest in healthy foods and beverages, often ones that come from their country of ancestry.

We have roughly the same number of super-rich people as paycheck-to-paycheck wage earners.

As you'd expect, we do have some clients from the world of entertainment and sports (no, we don't name names, and yes, they pay the same as anyone else).

Finally, there's an absolutely awesome hard-core group. These are clients whose adamance concerning our products - coupled with a fanatical rejection of processed waters - is such that they order specific waters from Aqua Maestro for tea, for cooking vegetables, for swallowing medication, for their cats and dogs, and for personal hygiene functions... plus, of course, the waters they consume.

Nobody really knew how things would shake out when we first started Aqua Maestro in 2002 - other than our overall positive feeling about the company's prospects. Our conviction then, as now, was that fine waters represents a great, timely opportunity in the US. As incredible as it may seem, every week we get requests to ship brands to Americans in faraway places - Guam, Finland, UK, UAE, you name it. We are very grateful for these inquiries, but most of the time it just isn't practical, which we regret. And often, the person is sharply disappointed to hear this.

Great water is extremely inexpensive as luxury items go. The appeal both from a distinctive lifestyle and a health benefits perspective makes great water an "automatic" once you get into it. Soon afterward, with enough experimentation, you become a bona fide water connoisseur and join the ranks of of Aqua Maestro's amazing clientele.

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