Taking its name from an ancient Welsh word for ‘to be silent’, Tau Spring Water is specifically designed for outlets such as designer hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes where color may not be appropriate but purity, quality and elegance are essential. Launched in 2003, Tau Spring Water is produced by internationally renowned Tŷ Nant Spring Water Ltd. which is situated in the West Wales county of Ceredigion. The Company was founded in 1989 and moved to its current purpose built factory at the site of the source in 1996. The facility was extended in 2002. The factory is situated within 300 acres of pastureland and forestry. The land is maintained to organic standards, and the evergreen conifer forestry is being replaced in stages with a more environmentally friendly broadleaf wood. Tau is bottled at the source which comes from deep beneath the ancient Cambrian Mountains of Wales, an area of mudstone, siltstone and sandstone that is protected and organically managed. Tau Spring Water was created to satisfy the need for a contemporary clear glass bottled water. Tau's chic minimalist styling and monochromatic labeling creates a strikingly contemporary statement. A well balanced water with a light, refreshing taste and a slightly sweet note. At 30.5 mg/l of Calcium, 12.2 mg/l of Magnesium, and 13.5 mg/l of Silica, the water has a distinct quality, and it manages to deliver the goods with a neutral pH of 7.2, a very low-TDS (208), and negligible Nitrates. Tau Spring Water, is available in both still and softly sparkling variants.

Water Events...
8 - 9 December 2014, Grosvenor House Hotel, Dubai Zenith International is holding a two day event for Premium Water producers in Dubai on 8 and 9 December 2014. The conference sessions will provide small and medium sized premium bottled water brands with practical information about the UAE market and finding/maintaining/growing distribution.

Aqua Maestro has been asked to present "Achieving premium status in the US market" for more information click here.

Water In The News
Bottled Water Has Lowest Water, Energy Use
The results of a second benchmarking study released this month by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) show that the amount of water and energy used to produce bottled water products in North America is still less than all other types of packaged beverages. On average, 1.32 liters of water (including the liter of water consumed) and 0.24 mega joules of energy are used to produce one liter of finished bottled water.

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Brands In The News
The World's First Espace Evian Outlet
Spanish travel catering company Áreas has opened Espace Evian, the world’s first outlet under the mineral water brand, at Madrid Barajas Airport Terminal 4. The new food and beverage concept ‘aims to bring Evian’s values of health, purity, elegance, hydration and balance in a space that represents the style of the Alpine bottled water’.

What's New...
Plant Based "super-waters" Flooding Market
A wave of new products are hitting the shelves. Coconut water has made its way in numerous brands to many supermarket shelves. A new coconut water iced tea is now out as well.

The August edition of the Fountainhead described De'Laubier Maple Sap water, Artichoke water, and also a new addition, Olive water, and we have also introduced Cactus water. Now, a few more are being added, Almond water, and the derivative, Almond Water Coconut.

Inspired by a traditional and artisanal recipe from grandmother’s kitchen in the South of France, Almond Water is infused with natural flavors, extracts, and a hint of sweetness.

Not to be out done by the maple tree....we add Birch tree water, and, of course, available in White Birch, and Silver Birch.

The sap from the birch tree can be collected in early spring. It is claimed to help treat liver disease, flu, headaches, dandruff and eczema. It is also believed to flush out toxins and help reduce cellulite

Bottled Water Finds Aluminum Refreshing Also
Hmmmm...didn't Budweiser, say the same thing? Well, the name gives it away, oh, maybe not. Green Sheep Water. Clearly going after the recycling crowd, they use the catch phrase - "the bottled water with a green conscience." Initially launching with a 16 ounce can, Green Sheep is letting the herd loose in the Chicago area. Not much has been said about the water inside, but we've discovered it comes from a spring in Cold Spring Minnesota.

The earth's total amount of water has a volume of about 344 million cubic miles.

In a 100-year period, a water molecule spends 98 years in the ocean, 20 months as ice, about 2 weeks in lakes and rivers, and less than a week in the atmosphere

A small drip from a faucet can waste as much as 19 gallons of water a day.

More than 80% of diseases in developing countries are related to dirty water.

More water is used in the bathroom than any other place in the home.