In a region where water has been famous for its beneficial properties since antiquity, the Volvic valley has kept the qualities of its water a deeply buried secret for centuries.

Volvic water is drawn from the heart of the Parc Naturel des Volcans d'Auvergne in central France, a protected environment, free from industry and intensive farming. The ancient "Temple of Mercury" crowns the summit of the famous Puy de Dôme, proving the volcanoes have been recognized and revered for centuries

Volvic water is created by rainwater that seeps very slowly underground through porous layers of puzzolana and fissured lava down to the impermeable granite bed on the old valley bottom. When it reaches the impervious bedrock, the water slowly flows downstream where it is captured over 90 meters deep.

Volvic water is drawn from deep inside the lush, green ancient volcanoes of the Auvergne in France. Specifically, taken from the Clairivic spring in the Massif Central region

Volvic, as the name implies, has a volcanic geological basis, most evident in its 30 mg/l level of Silica, one of the world's more potent mineral water sources for this element. The perfectly neutral pH of 7.0, and overall low 109 mg/l total mineralization, makes Volvic a special water, truly unique in its chemistry. At 6.3 mg/l, the Nitrate level is a little higher, but in the case of Volvic, this slight excess is probably offset by the water's virtues.
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What Water Do You Use In Your Coffee?
We always discuss the attributes of different waters, and the many options available when choosing your favorite water for dinner. But, what about your coffee? It may not just be the brand of coffee you're brewing that's causing it to taste muddy. It may be the water. Spring water, softened water, filtered water, distilled water.... in our opinion, we do recommend a quality spring water, but you don't have to just take our word for it. For the coffee aficionado's, we're including two resources, one a simple condensed version, and the second, an "insanely technical document." Possibly one best suited for a doctoral thesis candidate.  This study,  dives deeply (no pun intended) into water properties, such as hardness, scaling, and alkalinity.

One reason we have included this discussion, and this month, is because if you read the first few lines of the technical paper, Volvic is recommended as a natural water with the balanced attributes for brewing coffee. Since that is our "featured water" this month, we thought the timing was perfect.

A condensed view... here.

The technical discussion...click here>

Brands In The News
First Glimpse...

Yes, that's a Miami Dolphin Logo on the bottle. Thanks to Gota water, Aqua Maestro is able to offer special private label bottles. We are just finishing another bottle for an exclusive Hotel and Condominium complex, in South Beach. The labeling can be done in color or black on either clear or frosted bottles, and in a variety of sizes. Only for the most discerning.

The Latest Edition From evian
Evian's newest limited edition bottle for 2015 has been unveiled. On September 29, at the Spring/Summer after-party in Paris, the newest member of the limited collection was made known. This year, it's with a little help from Kenzo. The design group bears the name of Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, however today, it is an international luxury goods brand.

Another type of evian Limited Edition
If you happen to be in Paris...you just may be able to get one of these ....a limited edition bottle...from 1925. It's not available here in the US, but that makes it even more rare.

On The Tech Side...
Water From Air

Almost three years ago, we included an article showing how our Military in Iraq was being offered water which was produced from air. That's right, the unit was almost the size of a truck trailer, but it was able to provide our troops with fresh drinking water, taken from the air around it.

Well, that technology has made it to your home or office. Untapped Water Systems, has come out with a unit that appears very much like a water cooler for your home or office. Although, wait....no water bottle. Known as Air-X, it is capable of providing up to 36 liters of pure drinking water per day. At the same time, each Air-X unit efficiently purifies the air as it pulls the moisture out of it.

This product works well in areas where water quality may be compromised, or areas, such as California, currently going through a severe drought.

Although, we think the technology is pretty cool, we're kind of glad it doesn't fit on a dining table!

Spotted Some Where...
The Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach

DeL'aubier, Iskilde and Tau offered in the rooms of the Shelborne

A view of Rays and Stark Bar
There is more to this picture than can be seen here.  Hailed as one of the best new restaurants, this is located on the property of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Martin Riese, who we have mentioned before is the resident water sommelier. He offers a water menu containing 20 brands of water. Truly an experience for anyone interested in what they may be drinking. This restaurant is part of the Patina Group of restaurants who are currently expanding the idea of a water menu as a result of the success garnered by Martin at this location.

A person must consume 2 liters of water daily to live healthily. Humans drink an average of 75,000 liters of water throughout their life.

Americans use five times the amount of water that Europeans use.

Four liters (1 gallon) of gasoline can contaminate approximately 2.8 million liters (750,000 gallons) of water.

Over 90% of the world's supply of fresh water is located in Antarctica.

80% of the earth's water is surface water. The other 20% is either ground water or atmospheric water vapour.