FIJI Water
The island nation of FIJI is a cluster of green islands in a remote area of the Pacific. Far from pollution. Far from acid rain. Far from industrial waste. In fact, the very name “FIJI” has become an icon of beauty, nature, simplicity, and remoteness – and when it comes to drinking water, “remoteness” may be a blessing.

FIJI Water is drawn from an artesian aquifer that lies hundreds of feet below the edges of a primitive rainforest. FIJI Water comes from a single place: the remote Yaqara Valley of Viti Levu (one of FIJI’s two principal islands). 

It begins as rain falling on the tropical island of Viti Levu’s luxurious north coast. From there it filters down through layer after layer of ancient volcanic rock, cleansed of impurities and contaminants at every stratum. At the same time, this natural filtration process is adding beneficial minerals such as silica, calcium, and magnesium to the water, which contribute to its distinctly soft, smooth “mouthfeel” (a professional tasters’ term that refers to a liquid’s taste and texture).

FIJI Water's  state-of-the-art bottling facility was designed to protect the purity of the water at every step of the production process, and as part of that strict commitment to quality, no human hands are allowed to touch it. In fact, the facility was built directly on top of the FIJI Water aquifer, where a completely sealed delivery system draws the water up from the protected chamber and places it directly into the iconic square bottles, which are made from the highest-grade terephthalate (PET) plastic resin.

Until you unscrew the cap, FIJI Water  never meets the compromised air of the 21st century nor is it touched by another human being. 

Water In The News...
Divide And Concord
No, it's not a mistake or misspelling of the word conquer. It's actually a new movie title. On January 1, 2013, Concord Mass became the first city to ban the sale of single serve water bottles within the city limits. The ban came as a result of the efforts of, then, 84-year-old activist Jean Hill, who started lobbying neighbors and politicians on the environmental consequences of disposable water bottles since 2010. Many local business owners have spoken out against the new rule, saying it restricts freedom of choice and that those who do want bottled water will simply drive to a neighboring town to get it. Well, the saga is moving from the local city hall, to the big screen. Director Kris Kaczor, has used many actual participants in the city fight, and given them an acting role, to portray the City's battle. Meant to be non partisan, both sides have been given an opportunity to state their case, and the film is being reviewed as an environmental documentary. The film does however, leave out a community group which has grown in opposition to the ban.

The Global Bottled Water Market
The global bottled water market is estimated to have reached more than $117 billion in 2013. During the next five years, the market is forecast to reach $195.4 billion, reflecting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.7% for the five year period 2013 to 2018.

Nashville Rescue Mission Seeks Bottled Water Donations.
With temperatures expected to reach in the 90s every day this week, Nashville’s homeless population is at a greater risk for dehydration and heat stroke. The Mission’s Hot Patrol van goes out when the temperature is over 90 degrees handing out cold bottles of water to the homeless. They serve over 900 people every day.

What Is The Best Drinking Water?
Now, here is a very interesting video. Produced by Conscious Counselor, an unbiased look at water types. Tap water, with additives, like fluoride and chlorine. Basic filtration such as a home Brita filter, advanced filtration, such as reverse osmosis, and spring water collected by many known name brands, or even collected by your own doing. The never ending battle about tap vs bottled water, raised by the environmentalists, stay away from the health aspect of the water. This video adds that dimension. Your choice, assuming you are an avid bottle water consumer, becomes mineral content and convenience. To view this video, click here.

Scam Alert!
Primarily occurring in Florida, residents have received notices claiming; "Due to many areas experiencing flooding, contaminated runoff and water main breaks, it is recommended you have a water quality inspection as soon as possible. This inspection is free to all Florida residents, and will be conducted in your area in the coming weeks.” The Collier County Water Department is familiar with this gimmick and will tell you, "this little notice is just another means to sell you something...and guaranteed, they’ll determine you need to buy something. So beware!

Houston, We Have A Problem...
Houston residents have flooded the city's service request line with complaints about tap water tasting like dirt, and while the city says the water is still safe to drink, many people are opting for bottled water.

Believe It Or Not...
Water Bottle With Built In Timer
How do you get the proper amount of water to stay adequately hydrated during the day? Vittel, a French brand of bottled water, has come up with a clever way to remind you. The Vittel Refresh Cap was designed as both an experiment and a publicity stunt.

The red cap sits on top of a normal water bottle. Screwing it into place sets a timer in motion. Every hour it goes off and pops a little flag designed to get your attention. Just enough to gently remind you to drink more water. Being tested in Paris, it does not appear to be available to the general public.

Water Bottle Art
Etched Voss Water bottles

Only 3% of Earth’s water is fresh water.

30% of the fresh water is hidden in the ground, 0.3% of the fresh water is surface water, and 68.7% of the fresh water on Earth is trapped in glaciers.

Approximately 70% of the world's supply of fresh water is located in Antarctica, locked in 90% of the world's ice.

In 1900, 25,000 American’s died of typhoid, a bacterial disease transmitted by the ingestion of contaminated food or water. By 1960, thanks to the use of chlorine in water treatment, that number dropped to 20.

Juice that has "all natural" written on the label, may only contain 10% or 20% actual juice, however, since water is natural, it can make the claim, "contents are all natural".

Ashley Olsen with Evian, Voss and Gatorade

Olsen twins...Voss

Kelly Osbourne - Evian

David Beckham (and Victoria) - Evian

Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson

Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher - Evian

Brooke Savis - Voss