Ty Nant pronounced Tee Nant (short as in ant), means house by the stream. The region from where Ty Nant is drawn, lies in an unspoiled rural area of mid Wales. Sourced from deep beneath the ancient Cambrian Mountains, an area of outstanding natural beauty, Ty Nant offers consumers the unique opportunity to sample one of nature's most treasured products - natural mineral water.

The purity of Ty Nant is attributable to an unusual aquifer lodged in a dense geological formation; the discovery of this source was recent and occurred in 1976. Ty Nant has no Nitrates, a neutral pH, and very low total mineralization at only 165 mg/l. Once famous only for their eye-popping cobalt blue glass bottle shaped like a bowling pin, It is offered in both still and carbonated varities. Ty Nant revolutionized plastic packaging when they teamed with Welsh born designer Ross Lovegrove to create the sensational new PET bottle. It is easily one of the most unforgettable, impressive PET (plastic) water bottles in the world, with a hard ripple effect that evokes the fluidity of water. Walk into your gym carrying a Ty Nant 1/2 Liter or 1 liter plastic bottle, and heads turn.

Water In The News...
Not a Pretty Sight...
The Polar Vortex has reached South Florida. At least the affects have. Aqua Maestro has been forced to hold back on some of the shipments headed to the frigid north, so we can avoid customers receiving their water looking like this. We monitor the weather, but sometimes shipments remain on a truck too long. If you are currently waiting for a delivery, please contact us for the latest update. Mother nature may be responsible for the delay!

Recent Reports Show the Decline of CSD's (carbonated soft drinks)
.... and the rise of bottled water. A number of recent reports show the same trend, a decline of CSD's. The rising public awareness of the health effects of sugary beverages has dampened soft drink sales; each year, Americans now drink 44 gallons of soda and 21 gallons of bottled water. Beverage Marketing Corp. predicts that sales of bottled water will exceed those of soft drinks within the next decade.

Further excerpts from Euromonitor International reveal, while the global volume growth of bottled water is unprecedented, the near-100bn liters of growth forecast from 2013 to 2018 will surpass the previous five-year period by over 25bn liters, making bottled water the world's fastest growing soft drink. The main driver behind this growth is health: A demand for clean sources of water in emerging markets and a demand for a healthier soft drink in developed ones.

It's Happening In China too
The bottled water market grew by 14% in volume in 2012 to 54 billion liters in China, and the market value has seen a significant growth of 230% since 2008. China's rapid urbanization and economic growth means that more people are on the move and leading busier lifestyles with a better understanding of health in general. Bottled water has been chosen as an affordable and safer alternative to soft drinks and fruit juices.

China to Begin Sea Ice Desalination
A Beijing Normal University research team has signed a sea ice desalination technology transfer agreement with Beijing Huahaideyuan Technology Co. Ltd.The research team has developed the equipment and technology to be used in the desalination of sea ice, which has a salinity of 0.4 to 0.8 percent compared to the 2.8 to 3.1 percent salinity of seawater.

2014 Elk River Chemical Spill
The Elk River chemical spill occurred on January 9, 2014.The chemical spill occurred upstream from the principal West Virginia American Water intake and treatment and distribution center. Following the spill, up to 300,000 residents within nine counties in the Charleston, West Virginia metropolitan area were without access to potable water. Within 24 hours, companies like Walmart, Nestles, Sheetz Convenient Stores, and many others provided residents with 1000's of cases of water. One week after the event, emergency officials had distribute 15 million bottles - or about 50 bottles per person in the affected area.

(Bottled Water) Always In The News....

USA TODAY recently published a "snapshot" graph on the front page of the newspaper showing the growth in bottled water's per capita consumption from 2009-2013, under the headline "American thirst for bottled water." The data was sourced from the Beverage Marketing Corporation.

IBWA Corrects Misleading Fox News
Bottled Water Article

IBWA has responded to a seriously misleading January 13, 2014, story published on FoxNews.com that made numerous false and inaccurate statements about bottled water. The article, with the headline "More than 24,500 chemicals found in bottled water," misrepresented the conclusions of an August 2013 German study's finding, in which a single chemical—not 24,500—was identified in water samples. The response advised the author and revealed there was insufficient information to indicate any connection to bottled water and drew no conclusions concerning any health effects. The article also made false and misleading claims about bisphenol-A (BPA) and the safety and quality of bottled water, which we have seen numerous times now. To read the IBWA article, click here.

Water Intake Linked to Proper Kidney Function
Danone's "Hydration for Health" initiative (H4H), and the International Society of Nephrology are promoting four studies recently published that link hydration and water intake to proper kidney function and the avoidance of kidney disease. The reports can be extensive, but for a brief over view, click here.

A link to Danone's H4H initiative, click here.

Brands In The News...
Pepsi Renames Their Premium Water
Qua had originally been named Om, however, consumer testing led to the name change. It was tested at the Golden Globes, where the water was handed out at the red carpet and placed on tables at the show in hopes of reaching target influencers.

Too Much Information
Cameron Diaz Chugs Bottled Water in the Morning to Poop!

No, really, watch for yourself...the 41-year-old entertainer made an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show to promote her new book "The Body Book" and she revealed that she chugs water every morning to help her poop! "This is the best way for me to go poop in the morning," Cameron said while holding up her bottle of water. "Water wakes you up." "First, I brush my teeth because I don't want to swallow all the bacteria in my teeth from the night before," Cameron added. "So I make sure that's gone and then…" she said before starting to chug the entire bottle down. Watch by clicking the picture above. It's quite a feat just chugging a 1L bottler of water in 20 seconds.

What To Do With Your Empty TyNant Bottle

Water is never totally consumed, it always recycles itself, in one form or another.

In a 100-year period, a water molecule spends 98 years in the ocean, 20 months as ice, about 2 weeks in lakes and rivers, and less than a week in the atmosphere.

A seagull can drink salt water because it has special glands that filter out the salt.

Hippos drink as much as 250 liters of water in any given 24 hour period.

A dogs' nose is so sensitive that it can tell the difference between a tub of water and a tub of water with a teaspoon of salt in it.


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