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Vichy Catalan

The rugged scenery and landscape of Caldes de Malavella in Cataluna, Spain has inspired visitors and health-seekers for millennia. Beneath this uniquely picturesque terrain are mineral water springs, none more famous than the legendary Vichy Catalán. The photo below looks toward the nearby city of Girona

The Roman legions, ever on the prowl for curative baths and spas, discovered a real winner in the rocky Spanish area south of the Pyrenees near the French border. It was special enough that they dug in, dug down, and built up an entire system of baths and recuperative facilities. The remnants of those ancient spas remain today as a tribute to Vichy Catalán, pictured here, which has been legendary among European mineral waters ever since.

Fast-forward through the centuries to the modern origin of the now internationally famous brand. The first few decades of its modern history begin in 1852, when Doctor Modest Furest y Roca, trained in medicine and surgery at the University of Barcelona, got involved. He was responsible for connecting the most advanced scientific thinking of his time with the mystique surrounding the ancient waters of Caldes de Malavella. In 1880-81 he purchased the property that included the renown thermal springs. Within a few years, his aim of building a "modern" spa establishment became a reality. The waters were declared a public utility by Royal Order in 1883, and their use in bottled form was registered.

Much modernization has transpired since the 19th century, but the two photos below which are nearly a hundred years apart testify to the brand's continuity and pedigree.

In 1990, Grupo Vichy Catalán was created, consisting of the companies S.A. Vichy Catalán and Malavella S.A, both located in Caldes de Malavella (Girona). Vichy had the distinction of being selected as the water for the XXVth Olympic Games at Barcelona in 1992.
With an astonishing 3,052 milligrams per liter of Total Dissolved Solids (the highest of any water sold by Aqua Maestro), there's nothing by way of minerals and salts missing in Vichy - except Nitrates, which are splendidly near ZERO. You get plenty of Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Bicarbonate, Fluoride, and Silica in this medicinal potion. Silica, for example, is at 76.8 mg/l, typical of all the other high levels.

Water in the News
U.S. Department of Interior goes green
Effective mid-November, petroleum-based water bottles at the “C” Street Headquarters Building cafe in Washington, D.C. was replaced with plant-based versions. Green Bottle Spring Water from Totally Green Inc., which uses bottles made from plants, is part of the cafe’s new “green” strategy.

Bottled Water Recycling Rate Rose to 31% in 2009
Recently, the IBWA released the results of National Association for PET Container Resources’ (NAPCOR) annual study of bottled water container recycling. There was a slight increase, in 2009, to 31 percent nationally, up from 30.9 percent in 2008. IBWA also noted the NAPCOR finding that the use of recycled PET (rPET) has jumped 37 percent in the same timeframe.

Brands in the news…
Fiji Water Tap Turned Off….And Then Back On…
Fiji Water had closed its operations in the South Pacific country that gives the popular bottled drink its name, saying it was being singled out by the military-led government for a massive tax increase. After a two-day standoff, the company came to terms and accepted the tax increase. Production has resumed at the facility which employs 400 Fijians and contributes to a trust fund to support nearby villages.

DS Waters of America Acquires Mount Olympus Waters
DS Waters of America has announced the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Mount Olympus Waters, Inc, which has been operating in the Salt Lake City area since the late 1800’s

DS Waters of America also announced the nationwide launch of its bottled water brand Athena, which donates a portion of sales revenue to fund breast cancer research and education.

Icelandic Glacial Raises Capital and Donates Water
Icelandic Glacial has received $8 million in funding from private investors. The money will help the company build its US sales force and expand into new markets including China. On another front, Icelandic Glacial will donate 42 tons of its water from Iceland to help in Haiti’s fight against cholera. This is the third major donation from Icelandic Glacial to aid in the recovery in Haiti under the company’s “Water For Life” foundation.

Owens-Illinois has signed a “conditional agreement” with the Verrerie du Languedoc (VdL) to acquire its bottling plant in Southern France, which bottles Nestlé's Perrier and San Pellegrino water brands

In The Learning Corner…
Who Watches Over the Bottled Water You Drink?
The International Bottled Water Association says more than eight billion gallons of it were consumed worldwide last year alone.

Here, in the US, bottled water comes under the watchful eye of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is charged with ensuring that it's safe to drink.

The FDA has regulations that focus specifically on bottled water, including:

  • "standard of identity" - regulations that define different types of bottled water
  • "standard of quality" - regulations that set maximum levels of contaminants — including chemical, physical, microbial, and radiological contaminants -- allowed in bottled water
  • "current good manufacturing practice? (CGMP) - regulations that require bottled water to be safe and produced under sanitary conditions

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Rinsing vegetables in a sink filled with water will save approximately 200 gallons of water per month.

The largest snowflake recorded was fifteen inches in diameter.

All snowflakes have six sides and no two snowflakes are alike.

When a Christmas tree is cut, over half of its weight is water.