Biliner is a natural alkaline bicarbonate healing mineral water with a high concentration of minerals. Truly the highest mineral content we have carried, Biliner tips the scales at a TDS level of 5000 ppm. Originating from volcanic rock, from the Boren Mountain, which in Bohemia, (now Czech Republic), the water has been known as the original natural mineral healing water throughout Europe. A naturally sparkling water, the name is derived from the town of Bilina, which has become known as the “Vichy of Bohemia”. In the 18th century, under the leadership of the House of Lobkowicz there was a bottling factory and later, health spas established for the European aristocracy known by the name of Biliner SAUERBRUNN.

The natural carbonation of Biliner is the result of years of fusion of mineral water with gas streams from the depths of the earth. Underlying the mineral springs is a high pressure and high temperature gas which bubbles through Biliner for many years and dissolves in the water along with a number of other beneficial minerals. The result is a finer healthier carbonation. Biliner, is one of the oldest mineral waters in the world which was commercially traded more than 300 years ago.

Water In The News...
Super Storm Sandy Effects Even The NY Bottle Bill
In the wake of Super Storm Sandy, NY Governor Cuomo, suspended the requirements for the deposit law on bottled water. Walmart and Anheuser-Busch have donated 1000’s of cases of bottled and canned water.

British Man Killed By Drinking Too Much Water
A rare condition called polydipsia, can cause excessive thirst. A 47-year-old man, taking prescription medicine that made him thirsty, never knew the risks of excessive water intake.

Flavors of Fort Lauderdale
This was a four-day celebration of the culinary lifestyle and casual elegance of South Florida. Taking place Thursday - Sunday, November 8-11, 2012, it included a variety of events featuring the finest culinary offerings from local and regional restaurants and chefs, as well as world-class wines and spirits, gourmet specialty foods, lifestyle experiences and best of all (as far as we’re concerned), a selection of fine waters. Michael Mascha from Fine Waters and Aqua Maestro were present at this inaugural event.

Brands In The News...
Finalists In The Water Innovation Awards 2012
The 9th Global Bottled Water Congress, organized by Zenith International, was held in Barcelona on Oct 8-10, 2012. The awards announced were as follows;

Best still or sparkling water
Winner: Eau Matelo (Canada) with De L'Aubier

Best flavored water
Winner: Vöslauer Balance Bitter (Austria)

Best functional water
Winner: Balance (US)

Best new brand or business
Winner: caféHydrate (USA)

Best bottle in glass
Winner: Krusmølle Kilde (Denmark)

Best bottle in PET
Winner: Ramlösa Premium PET (Sweden)

Best Label
Winner:Aigua De Vilajuïga (Spain)

Best packaging design
Winner: Bru (Belgium)

For a complete list of winners, click here

By The Numbers...
Growth Of Bottled Water
A recent report by the Beverage Marketing Corporation charted the growth of bottled water in numerous sectors. The chart below shows the Mass Merchandiser Channel specifically, but mimics the growth of bottled water as a whole.

Did You Know...
Lady GaGa will soon be entering the bottled water business. With secrets leaking about Lady Gaga's soon to be released new healthy water brand, there has been speculation that she purposely gained weight in order to lose it as a promotion for her bottled water brand. Water is necessary for healthy living. A Lady Gaga healthy bottled water brand could be the perfect match for an artist who promotes a healthy body and attitude behind the showy exterior. Lady Gaga can make drinking water cool! Water with Lady Gaga's brand could become the fashionable new drink, replacing sugary soda and chemical filled punches.

Or perhaps we should say “coming back”

After a brief hiatus, we will again be stocking Iskilde. Iskilde means “cold spring” in Danish and, yes, the water is truly cold as it comes out of the ground. The spring, which was discovered in 2002 in Denmark has a wonderful silky texture and a subtle, sweet taste.

Today, drinking water meets over a hundred different standards for drinking water quality.

Most of the world's people must walk at least 3 hours to fetch water.

Freshwater animals are disappearing five times faster than land animals due to water contamination

One (1) gallon of gasoline can contaminate approximately 750,000 gallons of water.

If you leave the water running to brush your teeth, you will use approximately 2 gallons of water.