Ferrarelle. Italy's number 1 sparkling water.
Ferrarelle acquires its natural sparkle as carbon dioxide rises through the deepest parts of the extinct volcano Roccamonfina in Campania, near Caserta. The area is also known as the Assno Valley and Bagni, meaning baths.
The natural sparkle and fine balance of precious minerals are the result of the course taken by the water over the millennia. In fact, the rocks from which Ferrarelle springs are many thousands of years old, as are the subterranean strata over which the water flows.
Farrarelle is blessed with a unique taste, which is soft and fresh. Its sparkle, so smooth on the palate, makes it just right from starters through to dessert, and for all menus. It goes particularly well with cheese dishes, crepes, ravioli, and white meat with delicate sauces.
This unique phenomenon of nature known as Ferrarelle was given its name in the 8th century. The origin of that name, however, is a matter of historical controversy. According to the 19th-century historian Michele Broccoli, the name may be traced to a small chapel in the vicinity, which later disappeared, probably called Santa Maria della Ferrara. Another explanation has the name deriving from the common habit of calling Ferrarelle “acqua ferrata”, meaning iron water. A third hypothesis claims that the name Ferrarelle is rooted in the local comparisons between areas of cold springs, Freddarelle, and hot springs, Caldarelle. Whatever its origin, Farrarelle is certain to remain at the top of any list of the world’s premier waters for generations to come.

What a Road Trip!
In our last newsletter, we mentioned how enthused we were about attending Anuga 2007, the world’s largest food and beverage show held in Cologne, Germany. We are happy to report that the show lived up to its billing, and our enthusiasm was rewarded beyond our expectations.
Anuga 2007 was a huge success for the food and beverage industry in general, and for Aqua Maestro in particularly. How thrilling it was for each of us representing Aqua Maestro to walk around the show and have people from around the world recognize us by our name tags. We received an overwhelming reception at every turn, and further enhanced our reputation as the premier source of fine waters.
We also made time to strengthen our relationships with the marketers of leading brands including Ferrarelle, San Benedetto, Hildon, Spa, Speyside Glenlivet, and Elsenham. Each of our meetings underscored the growing impact Aqua Maestro is having on the world of fine water. The number of companies seeking to enter into a business relationship with Aqua Maestro alone reflects the fact that our name has become synonymous with fine water in the United States.  

Whether on the road or not, we will continue to strive to improve our offerings and our service, and strengthening our position as the source of fine water from all over the world.

The world of fine waters keeps bringing us closer together.
Finewaters.com is the leading source for the unbiased evaluation of water harvested on every continent. This one Web site has become the leading destination for consumer education and resources in the bottled water industry, and its originator, Michael Mascha, has become the definitive voice for the world’s most sought after waters.
Small wonder then that finewaters.com is used by water connoisseurs and sommeliers across the globe for their selections, and why Aqua Maestro is now working with Michael Mascha and his finewaters.com team closer than ever. We look forward to a long and even more rewarding relationship as the years go on.
Keeping ahead of the curve and always making waves.
Keeping up with current trends isn’t good enough for us at Aqua Maestro. We’re always looking to lead, and let others do the following. More evidence of that is soon to be introduced as we add new product lines and categories to our list of offerings, including flavored and enhanced waters, as well as iced teas and lemonades.

New in the category of enhanced waters are the flavored mineral waters from Contrex. Be sure to try Blackberry-Raspberry and White Peach-Apricot. They are as delicious as they sound. The best part is that the women of France have been using Contrex to replenish their bodies with natural calcium for over 50 years. Contrex truly is an ideal beverage for health conscious women who are minding their calories and pursuing a healthy life style.
Another addition to our portfolio is Aquadeco, recently awarded the 2007 Gold Medal as the year's best noncarbonated spring water, as well as a Gold Medal for its magnificent bottle design. The aquifer which supplies Aquadeco water contains an abundant reserve of pristine water, and testing has confirmed that the quality of the water falls within the highest industry standards. This source has also been granted the "Spring Water" designation under new strict Canadian government regulations.
Major water report documents global growth.
A new report on global bottled water consumption indicates that demand keeps growing, and much of that demand is attributable to emerging economies around the world.
Zenith International, the leading consultancy on worldwide water use, reported that global bottled water consumption advanced 8% to187 billion liters in 2006. It also reported that almost half of that growth is due to demand coming out of the emerging economies of Asia and East Europe.  
With double digit rises in India, Malaysia, China and Pakistan, Asia achieved an 11% increase over 2005 volumes. East Europe is also becoming more prosperous, resulting in a 14% increase in total market growth. Africa also saw strong growth of 11%. 
Consumption rose in all other regions, with the Middle East, Latin America and West Europe up by 7%, 5% and 3% respectively. Sales in North America increased by 9%, which adds considerably to the worldwide liter total, given the traditional high volume of consumption in this and all other well-established economies.
"Consumers are benefiting as bottled water becomes more widely accessible and as its health, wellbeing and hydration attributes become more universally accepted," commented Zenith Research Director Gary Roethenbaugh. "Global volumes are expected to overtake carbonated soft drinks within two years, according to Zenith estimates."
Other points highlighted by the Zenith report include the fact that the United States and China were the two largest markets for bottled water in 2006, and that still water continues to outpace sparkling water, reaching 85% of total volume last year.

To order, please call or email Alexis Donney-Brillinger in the Private Client Division – 561 392 3336 x 100; adb@aquamaestro.com

Wholesale inquiries should be directed to Shirley Costanza, sc@aquamaestro.com.

Awarded the 2007 Gold Medal as the year's best noncarbonated spring water. Available in 0.75L glass and 0.5L plastic

The overall amount of water on our planet has remained the same for two billion years.

In a 100-year period, a water molecule spends 98 years in the ocean, 20 months as ice, about 2 weeks in lakes and rivers, and less than a week in the atmosphere.

Over 90% of the world's supply of fresh water is located in Antarctica.

A small drip from a faucet can waste as much as 75 litres of water a day.

Ferrarelle Platinum Edition
Ferrarelle, is available in the United States exclusively through Aqua Maestro and will soon be gracing the tables of restaurants in the US and around the world in a special edition “platinum” bottle.

Patagonia, the southern most natural resource in the world. Home of legends, energy and passion. It is also the source of Lauquen Natural Artesian Mineral Water. Lauquen comes from eternal pure ice and rain naturally purified by the Andes Mountains. Watch for Lauquen available through Aqua Maestro very soon.