In the hills just south of Rome, lies the small medieval town of Fiuggi. The obscure conglomerate of stone buildings gained renown as early as the 1300s, when Pope Boniface VIII claimed his kidney stones had been healed by the mineral waters that gushed forth from the nearby Fiuggi spring. Two centuries later they relieved Michelangelo of what he called "the only kind of stone I couldn't love." Soon the miraculous acqua di Fiuggi was being sent in bottles to all of Europe's royalty.

Fiuggi's water gushes out from two thermal baths and one of these: the Boniface VIII Spring is where Italians go to “take the water”. The fountains from which healing spring water is obtained are set within a large park. Locals and tourists alike used the surroundings as a meeting place for centuries to chat and discuss the news as they sip from the spring.

Fiuggi water is a natural, oligomineral water that pervades tufaceous (calcareous and siliceous rock deposits) hollows beneath the spas of Fiuggi. The scientific effect is a filtering action that purifies and reduces mineralization in the water, while creating a potent diuretic chemistry. Fiuggi is prescribed in Italy for expulsion of kidney stones, and supposedly inhibits their formation; it is also prescribed during preparation urinary calculosis procedures and post-op treatment. In all, there's little question that Fiuggi is beneficial for the kidneys and urinary tract, and it is also effective against uric acid in general, which is the basis of gout and uratic arthropathies. The water has a very acidic pH of 6.8 and a very low TDS of 122. The 1litre still version of this water comes in the classic green glass, and the sparkling is in cobalt blue. Fiuggi was the official water of JUBILEE 2000, and it is rumored to be the choice at the Vatican.

Water in the News
Mexicans, Biggest Users Of Bottled Water
More bottled water is consumed per capita in Mexico than anywhere in the world, a U.S. consulting group says, highlighting the lack of access to safe tap water, according to Inter Press Service. The Beverage Marketing Corp. says annual per person consumption of bottled water in Mexico is 61.8 gallons, compared to 30 gallons in the United States. Although municipal water utilities in Mexico insist the tap water they provide is safe, widespread mistrust of its quality has fueled the growing consumption of bottled water.

State Provides Bottled Water To Homes With Contaminated Wells
The state of Connecticut is providing bottled water to some homeowners whose well water was found to be contaminated. After conducting a series of water tests, the Torrington Area Health District found the well water for 10 houses in Plymouth, Conn., contained excessive levels of lead and arsenic.

Court Bans Ads Claiming Single-Serve PET Bottles Pose Health Risk
The North Carolina District Court last month imposed a permanent injunction against Eco Canteen after the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) brought legal action against the company in 2009. The industry group said it launched the lawsuit because it felt that “Eco Canteen was engaged in a deliberate scare campaign to mislead consumers into believing that steel containers were safer than PET plastic bottles”. The full story >>

IBWA Asks Consumers to Show Their Support for Bottled Water
IBWA's consumer website has released "Bottled Water: Show Your Support", a 90-second YouTube video calling on consumers to show their support for bottled water. The video directs people to the "Show Your Support" pledge with the aim of increasing the number of signatures so that the bottled water industry can show government officials, the media and others there is significant consumer support for bottled water. To watch the video >>

Brands In The News…
Highland Spring reports a 7.5% increase in FY 2009 net sales to £54.8m, with operating profits climbing 89% to £4.3m, boosted by cost cutting and warmer. weather

Smartwater will be offered in a new 1 L glass bottle at select restaurants and fine dining establishments in the Atlanta, Los Angeles and Las Vegas markets.

Volvic Water and the Rainforest Foundation have partnered for the "Drink 1, Give 10" campaign. The initiative will help 10 indigenous groups in Central and South America protect their rights and forests.

Volvic Natural Mineral Water has launched its GREENER BOTTLE made from 20 percent sugarcane waste. The beverage maker says it is the first UK company to introduce a 100 percent recyclable PET plastic bottle using this renewable plant material. The new plant-based plastic, called BioPET, is created by combining PET with fermented and dehydrated sugarcane waste.

Danone Waters China announces that is it actively seeking to acquire local water brands to expand its presence in the mineral water category

Croatian soft drinks producer Jamnica secures a distribution agreement with US supermarket chain Kroger for the sale of Jana branded mineral water in stores across 30 states.

For The Sports Minded…
Winn-Dixie, the official grocery store of the Jacksonville Jaguars, is launching co-branded bottled water with the NFL team, to be sold only at Winn-Dixie and SaveRite stores. The water is also being sold at the stadium for all home games.

In The Learning Corner
A Diet we can live with….
A new study from Virginia Tech found that middle-aged and older adults who drank two cups of water before each meal consumed fewer calories and lost more weight than those who skipped drinking water.

Researchers divided overweight and obese men and women aged 55 to 75 into two groups: one group was told to follow a low-fat, low-calorie diet; the other group was told to follow the same diet and to drink two cups of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
After 12 weeks, those who drank water before meals had lost 15.5 pounds, compared to 11 pounds for the non-water drinkers, a nearly 30 percent difference.

After one year, preliminary data shows that those who continued to drink water before meals not only kept those pounds off, but have even continued to lose a bit more -- about 1.5 pounds on average.

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Hot water is more dangerous than using cold water and heating it. Hot water is more corrosive and can contain larger amounts of dangerous debris.

More than 2 billion people on earth do not have a safe supply of water.

Water regulates the temperature of the human body. If you have caught a fever you should drink lots of water.

According to the National Cancer Institute, nine studies correlated water quality and cancer with the drinking water in Pittsburgh, New Orleans and various cities in Ohio, New York and New Jersey.

If you live in an old house with lead pipelines you could get health problems. Due to weathering of the pipelines lead can end up in your tap water.