Scientists have confirmed that Jana natural artesian water began its long journey from the surface to a depth of 2700 feet well over 3,000 years ago. Jana Water is bottled at the source at an underground depth of 2700 feet in the picturesque Croatian village of Saint Jana. Croatia, a country known for its water, has the largest supply of drinking water in all of Europe. Croatia has more than 1000 islands, situated along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, many lakes surrounded with lush forests, and many more hidden natural treasures.

Jana's well, is one of the deepest in Europe. Jana Water's purity and freshness is a result of the slow and natural filtering process, through a vast aquifer of layered mineral rock. It is additionally protected by a layer of granite above the well basin. During this long natural journey, Jana natural artesian water is enriched with minerals, in particular calcium and magnesium. Jana water also contains silica, which promotes healthy cartilage, skin, hair and nails. The water has the perfect pH level of 7.4 - the same pH as your body which yields better cell absorption and flushing of toxic waste.

Jana natural artesian water boasts an exceptional stable mineral composition that is regularly monitored throughout the year. This guarantees Jana Water's smooth taste and its appealing freshness and silky texture. Daily quality checks are also performed to ensure that the water in the bottle is exactly as nature intended.

The essence of Jana Water's pureness lies in the fact that nothing comes between you and Jana. The latest state-of-the-art aseptic bottling technology enables water to be pumped directly into the bottle, without any contact with the outside world. Therefore, the unique properties of this extraordinary water are delivered to you untouched, just as nature intended.

Water In The News...
Sales of Energy Drinks Overtake Bottled Water
A recent State of the Industry analysis from Beverage Industry magazine, comparing the main retail channels for the year to April 2012, show energy drinks are outselling bottled water for the first time, in the US

Energy drinks and shots jumped 18% to $8.0 billion, while water rose 4% to $7.2 billion.

Sports drinks were up 7% to $4.1 billion, chilled juice static at $2.7 billion, iced tea up 4% to $2.5 billion and fruit drinks up 4% to $1.5 billion. Carbonated soft drinks are still number 1 at $18.3 billion.

Sparkling Water Boosts Bottled Water Business
The State of the Industry analysis from Beverage Industry also highlighted the strong showing of sparkling water. The sparkling/carbonated water segment jumped a total of 17.3% to $825 million.

Bottled Water’s Media Image Shows Positive Trend
Numerous articles, with both a positive and negative connotation have been written about bottled water. Recent research indicates consistent and positive messaging efforts are influencing the number of positive articles being published about bottled water. A review of the coverage tone of bottled water articles (i.e., the positive or negative bias ascribed to an article) shows the positive press on bottled water issues is trending upwards, while clearly negative mentions are on the decline. The truth is coming out!

Massachusetts Nixes Bottle Redemption Expansion
A bill that would have expanded the bottle redemption law in Massachusetts to include water, juice, sports drinks and iced tea has died in committee. Opponents said the measure would have meant higher costs for both businesses and customers.

SF Considers New Measures to Curb Bottled Water
San Francisco, the city that regulated Happy Meal toys and banned plastic grocery bags, has a new target in its health-conscious, eco-friendly crosshairs: plastic water bottles. City officials are considering an ordinance that would require owners of new and renovated buildings with water fountains to install special bottle-filling taps. The law's designed to encourage thirsty people to refill containers instead of reaching for another bottle of Evian or Aquafina.

Global Bottled Water Congress
Zenith International has announced the dates for the 9th Congress which will take place in Barcelona, October 8-10th, 2012.

Under the theme of Natural Value, representatives from companies such as Coca-Cola, Danone, Nestlé, Vichy Catalan and Unicer will be speaking and leading discussions over the three day summit on innovations in packaging, global market perspectives and growth in emerging markets.

A plant tour of Grupo Vichy Catalan’s production facilities will take place as well as the announcement of the Water Innovation Awards 2012, presented by FoodBev Media.

Brands In The News...
Wimbledon Extends Agreement With Evian Until 2017
Evian will be the Official Bottled Water of Wimbledon for a further five years after extending its agreement with the All England Club until 2017. The news comes as women’s world number one Maria Sharapova signs a new three year deal to extend her role as evian brand ambassador.

New “Sleek Can” For San Benedetto RTD Teas
San Benedetto has adopted the new new 330ml “sleek can” produced by Ball Packaging. Hoping to capture the trend-conscious modern public, the new can has been introduced in Europe, but has not reached the shelves in the US yet.

On The Lighter Side…
This picture speaks for itself.

There are almost 800 different brands of bottled water for sale in the United States.

The Levi’s® Brand Teams Up With Water.org to “Unlock” 200 Million Liters of Clean Water Worldwide

Vice President, Dick Cheney insisted on 4-6 bottles of water in his room, along with two bottles of "Sparkling water (Calistoga or Perrier)" if his wife accompanied him.

Singer, Mary J. Blige insists on Fiji water "absolutely, positively must be FIJI" at room temperature in her dressing room.