Contrex natural mineral water comes from Contrexéville in the Vosges region, about six hundred miles northeast of Paris, the largest natural forest in France. The source’s protection is entrusted to an environmental group called Agrivair, which administers the stewardship of 22,000 acres around the springs’ perimeter. The French are serious about their water, and Contrex, one of the best, has a domestic annual consumption of 132 million gallons.

The first spa at Contrexéville was built under Louis XV in 1774. The spa project at Contrexéville, undertaken by doctors under his direction, would seem to support historian’s attribution of the intellect and wisdom of Louis XV. It is an age old fact that Louis XV consumed this water.

The records show that 1861 was the year when the official secular French government conferred its blessing on the high Calcium mineral water; bottling of the delicacy began in 1908. Standing on the same site where it all began in the Eighteenth Century, today’s business operation covers over a million square feet on sixty-two acres, employing 900 people. Total production is a robust 900 million liters per year.

Present day Vosges is on the eastern border of the Paris Basin, a formation of sediment that goes all the way back through both the Cenozoic Age, which is the most recent 65 million years, to the dawn of the Mesozoic Era some 250 million years ago. The Contrex aquifer is a deep, spiny lattice winding through evaporitic deposits, dolomites, and calcareous rock from the Triassic Age, the earliest portion of the Mesozoic Era. “Dolomite” is Calcium Magnesium Carbonate, and “Calcareous Rock” is Calcium Carbonate. Which all goes to explain the unusual natural Calcium level in Contrex, and its nickname: “The King of Calcium.”

Contrex is a sophisticated, acquired taste. The 486 milligrams per liter Calcium dominates the taste of this neutral 7.3 pH mineral water. But the recipe is more complex than that, offering rich rewards for the cultivated palate. With a total mineral content of 2,032 parts per million, Contrex is indeed a heavyweight. Magnesium, as you would expect given the geology, shows up strong at 66 mg/liter. The natural Sulphate and Bicarbonate levels are an extraordinary 1,058 and 386 mg/liter respectively. The water contains almost no salt, and Nitrates are virtually nil at 1 mg/liter.

Widely known for its curative reputation, and specific use in connection with osteoporosis, Contrex has become a favorite selection by women. Treat yourself to a bottle, and enjoy the taste of France at its best.

Functional Beverages
We are adding a new section along with our new products. This will give us an opportunity to showcase some of our new items on Aqua Maestro. The term “Functional Beverage” may not be a term you are intimately familiar with, however, you will be.
The functional beverage market in the United States has developed beyond being a niche category of drinks meant for better health and well-being. Health conscious consumers are looking for nutritious alternatives to soft drinks, plain water and other sugary drinks on the market. Generally, these beverages fall into the following categories: sports and performance drinks, energy drinks, ready-to-drink tea, enhanced fruit drinks, soy beverages, and enhanced water. New products are being added daily, and the marketplace continually strives to find new ways to quench your thirst.

A new item we noted as coming soon last month is now in stock, Venga, is a formulation of Swiss Alpine water carefully infused with select teas, real fruit juices, vitamins, minerals and life-enhancing antioxidants. No artificial ingredients, HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup), or preservatives. Venga is available in 7 functional varieties such as; Health & Zen, Daily Dose, Calorie Burn, Energize, Rehydrate, Brainstorm and Immunity Defense. Please check our site to read about each body enhancing drink. Venga

Water in the News
Bottles vs. Tap
Continuing our endeavor to keep you informed about the latest developments in the battle between good and evil, excuse me, the pro’s and con’s of bottled water versus tap, we are including some enlightening links here. A slide presentation developed by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) does a very good job of portraying some of the positive aspects of bottled water. It’s worth taking a look at. Click here to view.

Along those same lines, Chuck Fager, the director of the Quaker House, (a GI Rights Activist Organization) has penned a list called “The Top Ten Reasons (Plus Three) Why Bottled Water Is a Blessing” After studying the accusations against Bottled Water, it became clear to Chuck that Bottled Water was not at all the plague upon humanity its attackers claim it to be. Quite the contrary; at the end of the day, he believes we’re very lucky to have it around. To read his take click here;

Bottled Water Companies Unfairly Targeted by Mayors
The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) passed a resolution setting a one-year period to conduct a study to measure the amount of tap water specifically used by bottled water companies (prior to further purification) and determine how cities can be appropriately compensated for that use.

"By singling-out bottled water, which is a very small user of the public water system, USCM fails to address the totality of the water infrastructure challenges, which should be everyone's responsibility," said Tom Lauria, vice president of communications at IBWA.

Thousands of companies use municipal water systems in their businesses. At present, all commercial municipal public water system users pay a pre-determined rate for the use of water in manufacturing, energy production, food and beverage production, sanitation, and myriad other uses.

Minneapolis Drops $75k to Defend Stinky Tap Water

Cities around the nation are spending thousands in taxpayer dollars to promote tap water because of the alleged environmental problems with bottled water. But these campaigns just go to show how silly the issue has become. Minneapolis recently dropped $75,000 just to build a website encouraging people to drink only tap water. Why does Minneapolis need this campaign? Because their tap water stinks—literally! It comes from the Mississippi River and sometimes during the spring, purification techniques are not sufficient to clean out certain odors and flavors probably from algae that grow at that time of year. For more info click here

Convenience, Cost and Taste Before Health

Those were the results of a recent study published by scientific journal BMC Public Health. The study, “Health beliefs about bottled water: a qualitative study,” looks at the last decade’s increasing sales of bottled water. Most of the study’s participants cited health benefits from the minerals in bottled mineral water, but convenience, cost and taste were influential factors when making bottled water purchases.

Thinking Outside, Oops, Inside the box
Rapak, a provider of bag-in-box packs for food and drink makers, claims that ongoing developments to the materials it uses in storing mineral waters can provide sustainable alternatives to rigid packaging (bottles). They are hoping, amidst criticisms of bottled mineral water, bag-in-box packaging could be a vital development in offsetting consumer concerns about health and the environment.

Brands in the News
Even Woman’s Day Agrees
Excerpted from Woman’s Day Online, everyone has there say. “….it seems that the practice of toting around a bottle of water remains a steadfast trend—whether for reasons of fashion or health. In fact, “aquanomy,” or the connoisseurship of water, appears to have become a worldwide obsession.” The online magazine evaluated 8 common brands, among them; Aquafina, Deer Park, Fiji, Dasani, Volvic, Poland Spring, Evian and Smartwater. We’re happy to say we sell four of the brands, and the others we tend to refer to, as “commodity” waters. Read for yourself.

Nestlé Waters Partner with Arizona
Arizona Beverages and Nestlé Waters North America have teamed up to create Arizona Tea Waters, a line of organic-certified tea-infused waters. The line will include Green Tea, Yumberry Green Tea, Mandarin Orange Green Tea and Pomegranate Green Tea varieties.

Aqua Maestro in the News
Venga Functional Infusions signs with Aqua Maestro
We’re making our own news, as previously discussed above, Venga is now in stock. Read the official announcement, click here.

Congratulations to Rip Hamilton
Congratulations are in order for NBA Detroit Pistons star Richard “Rip” Hamilton. He is tying the knot Saturday July 11, and they came to Aqua Maestro to provide the water for the reception. (They’re choice was Voss, by the way).

For the Record Book...
A total of 22627 new beverage products were launched globally in 2008, according to Mintel’s Global New Product Database. That equates to 62 new drinks every day.

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Nearly 70 percent of the Earths fresh-water supply is locked up in the icecaps of Antarctica and Greenland.

Many bottled water producers have reduced the plastic container weight for water bottles by 27 percent in the past seven years

Every litre of water in the Red Sea contains about 200 grams of salt.

Lake Nicaragua is the world's only freshwater lake containing sharks.

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