Saint Geron
Located in Auvergne, in the region of Clermont-Ferrand known as the region of French volcanoes, and deep in the heart of France, the mineral spring of Saint Geron has a long and proud natural history

The product we drink today fell as rain far back in the Middle Ages, and has then been naturally filtered over the last eleven hundred years. Enriched by minerals picked up along its voyage, and cleansed of all bacteria and nitrates, which show up at less than .1 milligrams per liter, it makes its way back to the surface as a lightly carbonated water bursting with purity.

As with many of the great natural waters, the Saint Geron source was enjoyed by the Romans. At the end of the 19th century, workers constructing reservoirs to collect water from the spring, discovered antique wells and coins from the reign of Faustina Augustus during the Gallo-roman period. From its early history, Saint Geron has been showered with awards. Dubbed "The Queen of Mineral Waters," it has long been recommended as an aid in the treatment of anemia, digestive problems, diabetes and even gout. Its elegant glass bottle was created by painter and designer Alberto Bali.

Water of the Month
This month we bring you a special water as our glass offering, Elsenham. It is a uniquely hand packaged bottle, and special design right down to the cap. This product is in limited supply as a result of a special order, and Aqua Maestro chose to make it available to our valued members and readers. Elsenham is not a regular product here, and you will not find a product page offering the description. Elsenham is a still artesian spring water, rich in mineral content, particularly calcium, iron and strontium, (good for bone density) but low in sodium.

Water Events
Fancy Food Show
Rather than wait until the August edition to report on the Fancy Food Show which took place in NY on June 29, 30 and July 1, we felt it important enough to return and add it to this month’s issue, (even if it resulted in a brief delay). The show was a great success and as always, well worth the visit. In addition to making our usual rounds of saying hello to those old friends (brands) we continue to do business with, we also met with a few new brands. We have noted in this issue, Gota will soon be available, but also as a direct result of meetings in NY, Veen from Finland, will soon be among the elite in our portfolio, as well as Peteroa 9500 from Chile. We will keep you informed as these three specialty brands make their way to the US market through Aqua Maestro.

Global Bottled Water Conference
This conference is being held 22 - 24 September 2008, in Wiesbaden near Frankfurt, Germany. Bottled water remains the world’s fastest growing major beverage category, with consumption rising by 6% a year. To continue motivating consumers, the industry will have to go beyond hydration and health to overcome environmental concerns and determine new strategies for innovation and communication. This is an opportunity for industry leaders, suppliers, customers and analysts to gain a complete overview of the latest trends and developments across all continents.

In the news
UK bottled water sales increase: market report
Tap water campaigns, in the UK, are not dampening bottled water sales, according to a June 13 press release from Datamonitor, a UK-based market analyst.
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US mayors: Phase out city spending on bottled water
MIAMI — A majority of about 250 mayors at a US Conference of Mayors June 23 meeting passed Resolution 70, “Supporting Municipal Water Systems,” and the move is drawing both support and opposition. The resolution calls for US mayors to phase out regular use of bottled water for municipal employees.
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ABA hits back at US mayors' bottled water attack
The American Beverage Association has hit back at a resolution passed by the US Conference of Mayors that discourages the use of bottled water by city governments. "It's disappointing that some mayors find it more important to spend their time attacking a healthy beverage at a time when families are suffering from floods, rising food and fuel costs and threats to their homes and jobs," said Kevin Keane, a senior vice president of the American Beverage Association. The ABA continued and attacked the environmental claims made by bottled water's critics, pointing out that plastic water bottles are 100% recyclable.

Did You Know?
Much publicity has been given to the numerous articles discussing how, city after city, municipality after municipality, and state after state, have jumped on the proverbial band wagon to ban the use of bottled water due to purported impact of manufacturing plastic bottles, and their ultimate stock piling in landfills sprinkled around the country.

Very little is said about the benefits, convenience, and life saving qualities of the infamous bottle. We, in south Florida, still remember the events of Hurricane Wilma, on the heels of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. During “state of emergencies,” and catastrophic events, the water bottle becomes a necessity for survival. The most recent events of flooding in the Midwest are still being dealt with daily today. Through each and every event, it’s the manufacturers, distributors and retailers that come to the rescue.

In a small sampling of what recently occurred in the Midwest...

Nestlé Waters North America donated 244,344 half-liter and one-liter bottles of Nestle Pure Life and Ice Mountain Natural Spring Water during the past week to citizens and disaster relief workers in flood-stricken areas of Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Walgreens has donated two semi-trailers full of bottled water to the EMA and is coordinating with the Red Cross to provide personal hygiene and cleaning supplies for the aftermath of the flooding.

Mason City, IA; By late afternoon, calls were going out to businesses and companies for bottled water donations, emergency management officials said.

Also, in numerous publications, the Fountainhead included, (see April 08) reported how the UK also stepped up to ban bottled water. At that time, it was reported that Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Government would phase out bottled water in all areas of its departments. Fast forward to June 9, the BBC Panorama reported that the Houses of Parliament decided to retain bottled water because water jugs and glasses cost far more to serve, replenish and clean. The BBC also devoted an hour to the environmental impact of floods in Britain last summer, acknowledging how bottled water had made life bearable for hundreds of thousands whose tap water supplies had become contaminated or cut off. Somehow this news doesn’t appear in large headlines.

On the technical side
A recent Morgan Stanley Research report dated June 16 2008, shows…. High gas prices and economic softness are pushing ’08 US soft drink industry meaningfully below past trend-lines. The report, primarily done for the soft drink industry reveals trends in all beverage sectors, including water. Specifically, it reflects consumers are feeling the pinch and beverage consumption is taking a hit. The report also shows, record gas prices are serving to curb beverage consumption.

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Gota Water
A premium natural still mineral water, available in 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml bottles. Bottled at its source and perfectly selected by nature, Gota comes from the southern edge of the Guarani Aquifer in Argentina. One of the most pure and preserved reserves of underground water on Earth.

Water is the only substance found on earth naturally in three forms.

The most common substance on the earth is water.

One gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds

Water vaporizes at a hundred degrees Celcius.

80% of a pineapple is water.

Each day the sun evaporates a trillion tons of water.

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