A timeless gourmet favorite, Badoit is a naturally sparkling mineral water characterized by its abundance of tiny bubbles and its unique, delicate taste. In fact, the name Badoit, (pronounced ba-dwah) is French for fine bubbles.

Badoit is an iconic beverage in the restaurants and homes of France and has long held a special place in the French diet. It makes for an ideal dining accompaniment; its fine and delicate bubbles deliver a clean and crisp taste that enhances, but does not overtake other flavors. Bottled since 1838 at its source in the picturesque town of St. Galmier, Badoit has a legendary history in French water consumption. This naturally sparkling water was not only known and prescribed by local doctors for its many healthful properties in the XVIIIth century, but was obviously known to the Romans since the remains of thermal baths have been found on the present site of the Badoit factory.

For centuries the residents of the town of Saint Galmier have satisfied their need for sparkling, refreshment by partaking directly from the water’s source. Today, the local inhabitants venture to the town’s “filling station” where they can tap into the sparkling benefits of Badoit whenever the need arises.

Propelled by the pressure of naturally occurring underground gas deposits, Badoit travels the long journey from its deep and ancient source through fissures in the granite sub-strata slowly acquiring its distinct mineral composition, unique taste and its lively, intensely sparkling, carbonation along the way.

Badoit is captured at a depth of 100 meters into the granite where it retains a constant temperature of 16°C (61°F). The size of the bubbles of a sparkling mineral water is influenced by its mineral composition. It contains bicarbonates, as well as calcium and fluoride, and has a low sodium content. It is also rich in magnesium, an important component of a balanced diet. The source water emerges lightly sparkling, then the carbonation is carefully intensified.

The parent company, Danone has just recently changed to screw caps, replacing the snap cap on all sizes. A long time market leader in France, Badoit is now available in North America at select fine dining establishments, exclusive hotels, gourmet food retailers and, of course, proudly delivered to these venues by Aqua Maestro.

Water In The News...
Coconut Water Launches Up 5 Fold
In Recent Years

Mintel, a leading global supplier of consumer, product and media intelligence, found that North America leads the way with 35% of new coconut water product launches. Followed closely by Europe at 34%. The natural and electrolyte-laden beverage has been particularly popular with natural foods consumers in the U.S. who often consume it as a sports drink.

Congratulations To Watch Dogs, International Bottled Water Assoc., IBWA.
An article posted on Yahoo, on June 10th, 3 Cancer Scares that You Need to Know About - NOW. The story stated that bisphenol-A (BPA) is present in “re-used” plastic water bottles and included a rendering of PET-looking plastic bottles. Readers could be lead to assume that single-serve PET bottled water containers and are not safe and contain BPA. That is not true. PET plastic bottles do not contain BPA, and furthermore, regulatory agencies in several countries and the FDA have ruled favorably on the safety of BPA. The consensus among these international regulatory agencies is that the current levels of exposure to BPA through food packaging and does not pose a health risk.

On June 11, 2013, IBWA contacted the editor of The Daily Meal website regarding the use of a photograph of PET bottled water containers in the June 10 article, “New Studies Show Harmful Effects of BPA on Pregnant Women.”

The caption for the photo stated “BPA is a potentially harmful chemical to pregnant women” and the picture showed several single-use PET plastic bottled water containers. IBWA contacted the website’s editor, explained the false and misleading nature of the image, and asked that it be removed. IBWA defended the safety of BPA, informing the editor that international regulatory agencies agree that the current levels of exposure to BPA through food packaging do not pose a health risk. By June 12, the image was gone.

...And More About BPA.
This was worth posting in its entirety, (by the author) to reveal the importance of the miscommunication.

A message that is floating around on Facebook and other news sources goes like this....

“Do Not Drink Water Bottles Left in the Car. This information was given to me by my husband and I know all the ladies in my life should know and please forward it to all the ladies in your life.

My husband has a friend whose mother recently got diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor told her women should not drink bottled water that has been left in a car. The doctor said that the heat and the plastic of the bottle have certain chemicals that can lead to breast cancer. So please be careful and do not drink that water bottle that has been left in a car and pass this on to all the women in your life.”

The author used, a website dedicated to verifying or debunking information. We are not advocating any website, but the story remains the same and as also included in the IBWA article above, it concludes “heating up some types of plastic bottles could increase the leaching of harmful phthalates into the fluids they contain.” Notice it says “some types” of water bottles? Plastic water bottles do not fall into that category so it would seem that we have an urban legend on our hands here. Possibly, the worst thing that could happen if you left bottled water in your car and it got warm as the temperature in the car increased, is that you’d end up having to drink warm water. Most people don’t enjoy that.

Brands In The News...
Renowned Chef Named Brand Ambassador
Chef Timothy Hollingsworth, former Chef de Cuisine at The French Laundry, has taken on a new role as Brand Ambassador for Badoit Sparkling Natural Mineral Water. Badoit launched in the New York market this month, completing the brand’s national rollout.

Champagne Of Water...
Beverly Hills 90H20

Sourced from the mountain springs of northern California, the premium water is crafted with natural minerals using a "proprietary patent-pending formula" that results in a 7.5 pH alkalinity for a "silky smooth," crisp, fresh taste profile. The blended minerals result in a TDS just below 400 which makes it a mineral water ideal for pairing with fine foods and wines.

Perrier Limited Edition honoring Andy Warhol
In 1983, Andy Warhol produced more than 40 works of art inspired by Perrier. To celebrate these works, Perrier has collaborated with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to create Perrier by Warhol - a limiited edition series of Perrier packaging based on Warhol's original works. To see the whole collection, click here.

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A few pictures, and a few ideas...



We had previously shown this wedding dress above in February 2012, made from over 2200 bottles and 6500 tops of recycled PET bottles, and here's another glimpse without the special lighting

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Badoit spotted in Pottery Barn, South Beach, FLorida

Also, spotted but would have preferred not to be...

That's what remains of a tractor trailer running into an overpass on the Northern State Parkway in Long Island, NY. The trailer was filled with cases of bottled water.

Water boils quicker in Denver, Colorado than in New York City.

The principal sources of contamination to water are associated with the post World War II chemical age.

You should never drink water straight from a lake or river, as it can be damaging to your health.

It doesn't take much salt to make water "salty." If one-thousandth (or more) of the weight of water is from salt, then the water is "saline."

If all of the water vapor in the Earth’s atmosphere fell at once, distributed evenly, it would only cover the earth with about an inch of water.