Taking its name from an ancient Welsh word for ‘to be silent’, TAU Spring Water is specifically designed for outlets such as designer hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes where color may not be appropriate but purity, quality and elegance are essential. Launched in 2003, TAU Spring Water is produced by internationally renowned Tŷ Nant Spring Water Ltd. which is situated in the West Wales county of Ceredigion. The Company was founded in 1989 and moved to its current purpose built factory at the site of the source in 1996. The facility was extended in 2002. The factory is situated within 300 acres of pastureland and forestry. The land is maintained to organic standards, and the evergreen conifer forestry is being replaced in stages with a more environmentally friendly broadleaf wood.
Tau is bottled at the source which comes from deep beneath the ancient Cambrian Mountains of Wales, an area of mudstone, siltstone and sandstone that is protected and organically managed. TAU Spring Water was created to satisfy the need for a contemporary clear glass bottled water. Tau's chic minimalist styling and monochromatic labeling creates a strikingly contemporary statement.
A well balanced water with a light, refreshing taste and a slightly sweet note. At 30.5 mg/l of Calcium, 12.2 mg/l of Magnesium, and 13.5 mg/l of Silica, the water has a distinct quality, and it manages to deliver the goods with a neutral pH of 7.2, a very low-TDS (208), and negligible Nitrates. TAU Spring Water, is available in both still and softly sparkling variants.

Summer Fancy Food Show
We just returned from the Summer Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC. It was a great success for Aqua Maestro. We met with representatives from many of the staple brands, such as Ferrarelle, Gerolsteiner, Borsec, Vittel, Hildon, Celtic, Highland Springs, Filette, and Fiuggi. We also spoke to some new brands, such as Aonni, Ice Swan, Pedras, and Ice Box. We will be resurrecting brands which have stopped exporting during the economic slow down, and possibly be adding a few new ones. Another clear indicator that the water business is improving. We also spent time with Michael Mascha from Fine Waters. We will be working closer and making a concerted effort to promote the fine water industry. Stay tuned!

Water In The News...
Sales Of Water On The Rise
Numerous reports are all confirmng the same thing. The sales of bottled water are on the rise. US bottled water has continued to gain volume in 2011 as signs of a recovering economy coaxed consumers back to purchasing packaged water. According to BMC (Beverage Marketing Corp.), data shows the over all consumption of bottle water has increased by 4.1%, building on 2012's solid growth. BMC provided the following chart along with the comment, "it has begun to show a trend that is expected to continue"…amen (we added that.)

Another recent report from SymphonylRl Group, a market research company has shown for the calendar year 2011, US Bottled Water has grown in 3 segments, Convenience/PET, Jug/Bulk, and Sparkling/Mineral. Fortunately, for those of us primarily in the Fine Water business, we are the third category, which has seen the most substantial growth.

On a global scale, bottled water volume has begun increasing steadily, which is shown again by a third source, Canadean.

Reports in the UK are showing similar signs. The UK Bottled Water 2012 Report, compiled by Zenith International primarily discusses the UK climate for bottled water. A specific excerpt offered by Zenith Chairman Richard Hall, is just as true in the US.

“After 20 years of dramatic growth, bottled water was held back from 2006 by a combination of a switch in types of water coolers, poor summers, the economic downturn and environmental concerns. Now, bottled water is back on the move again, driven by its key benefits of healthy hydration, on-the-go convenience, competitive pricing and environmental measures from light weighting to recycled content in packaging,”

Water Innovation Awards 2012
Foodbev.com, based out of the UK, offers all you need to know about food and drink innovation and trends around the world. Their Water Innovation Awards are coming up, October 9, 2012, and will be held in Barcelona. Entries must be submitted by August 24. Categories will include;
• Best bottle in glass
• Best bottle in PET
• Best environmental sustainability initiative
• Best ethical or humanitarian initiative
• Best flavoured water concept
• Best functional water
• Best label
• Best marketing campaign
• Best new brand or business
• Best packaging design
• Best packaging innovation
• Best still or sparkling water
For more information, click here.

Brands In The News...
The Queen’s Jubilee
Hildon was one of the companies who donated water for the Queens Jubilee. 10,000 bottles were donated to the festivities. Labels were submitted by children in hopes of being the lucky chosen design. We’re proud to have some of the bottles in our possession.

Evian Expands On Live Young Theme
Evian and Digitas France have launched a new global brand content platform, “Evian the source.” The site, subtitled “Awaken your sense of wonder,” seeks to promote on a daily basis Evian’s “vision of youth” -- meaning “living young.” The site will offer original content created by directors sponsored by Evian, and will be updated daily adding new content from users via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest. Go to the source;

Nestlé Introduces New Water
Nestlé Waters of North America (NWNA) introduces a new bottled water which is being launched in Southern California. Branded “resource,” it offers three benefits, a natural spring water from sustainable sources in California, it contains naturally occurring electrolytes, and the bottle is made of 50% recycled plastic. (Hmmmm, sounds like a very “smart” water!)

New Nestlé Waters Plant
In Buxton, UK

The first bottles of Buxton Natural Mineral Water and Nestlé Pure Life left the factory in mid-May, heralding a new era for Nestlé Waters bottled water business in the UK. Nestlé has invested £35m ($55.3 million) in this state of the art facility.

Bottled Water Company Fined $2 million
Aloha! Koyo USA sells its bottled water under the name MaHaLo Hawaii Deep Sea. They sell filtered ocean water from a deep-sea source off Kona, and have agreed to pay the state department of health $2 million as part of a settlement in an enforcement case. “The permit that was allowed for this product required that only water that had passed the filtration system could be used, bottled and marketed to the public," according to Department of Health Deputy Director of Environmental Health Gary Gill. He continued, "For reasons no one can understand or explain a small bypass was put in taking some of the unfiltered water into the final drinking product."

Water can move up narrow tubes against the force of gravity in what is known as capillary action.

In 2006 Americans spent $15 billion on bottled water. That’s more than we spent on iPods or movie tickets.

75% of the human brain is water and 75% of a living tree is water.

In 2006 Americans drank about 167 bottles of water each, but only recycled an average of 38 bottles per person.

In 1804 the first municipal water filtration system was constructed in Paisley, Scotland. It used sand filters, designed by Scottish scientist Robert Thom, to provide clean water to each house within the Paisley city limits.

Some Uses Of Plastic Bottles

a hanging lamp

a chandelier

Not quite Nike’s…but these bottles are being put to good use.