Hildon Natural Mineral Water comes from beneath the chalk hills of the beautiful Hampshire countryside in the South of England. The water is wholesome, naturally filtered and crystal-clear. It is free from pollution and has a stable composition, being naturally low in sodium. The water is bottled at the source and whether it is delightfully still or gently sparkling, it has a distinctive, delicious taste.

Hildon's beautiful understated bottle is served at scores of first class hotel and resort properties, is seen on the dais at the Ryder Cup when the event is played in the UK, it graces picnic tables at polo matches, and is allegedly first choice at Buckingham. The chemistry of Hildon features good levels of Calcium and Bicarbonates. According to the company, the Nitrate level is 6 milligrams per liter.

There are strict rules governing the labeling of water as Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water or Bottled Water. Water sold as Natural Mineral Water must originate in an officially recognized spring, be microbiologically wholesome and have been protected from all risk of pollution.

The original Hildon bottle was created in 1988. Its design was based on the classic Bordeaux shape with its distinctive high shoulder, which originated in the early 19th century. Hildon has always had a close association with the wine trade and is the first choice for cleansing the palate at many prestigious wine tastings.

Water In The News...
The 2013 Fine Water Summit will take place in Shanghai from April 22 -24
This is an annual meeting of major brands, and distributors throughout the world. Aqua Maestro will be attending, and has even been asked to speak about the American market at this event.

The Summit will be immediately followed by the 6th Shanghai International High-End Water Exhibition (CBW). “FineWaters” will also be hosting a pavilion during the event from April, 25-27, 2013

For Those Weight Watchers
Proper hydration can elevate your metabolism by 3 percent, helping you burn more fat. And contrary to what you may think, if you’re retaining “water weight,” your body probably needs more water in the first place. Drink water to reduce bloating, and eliminate fluid retention.

Be Careful What You Wish For
We mentioned the numerous bans on bottled water in last month’s Fountainhead, and had every intention of listing some of them, but found the list to be too extensive. We could fill the newsletter with actions proposed or being taken to “ban the bottle.” Ironically, what isn’t being said or given the same press, is that not all bans are being adhered to, and in some cases, are even being reversed. Many State governments and Universities have banned or proposed bans on using bottled water at work or on campus.

Many of these actions are being taken because the authorities believe it is good for you or the environment. A recent letter to the Editior of the Boston Globe stated it very well. The author didn’t care for the use of the word “ban” effectively, deciding what you can or cannot do. (A little like the Governor of NY deciding more than 16oz’s of soda is too much for you) The University of Vermont just “banned” the use of plastic bottles on campus. Be careful not to herald this move too quickly. As the author stated, ”…those students who were standing in line for free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream may one day find that someone has banned it for their own good. Too much sugar, bad for your heart, etc” so, be careful what you wish for. To read the letter, click here

Brands In The News...
Talbots, Women’s Leading Retailer...
Talbots has decided to offer 250ml San Pellegrino to their select customers coming in for their shopping event on March 13th. Pictured below, are 280 cases, half of the order boxed and staged for pick-up by UPS, and going to a retail store near you (in the continental US) We shipped 566 cases to their stores for the event.

Let’s Not Smear The Lipstick
Because you just don’t have the time to find a straw or reapply lipstick, “artesian” bottled water company Fiji debuted its new built-in straw bottle caps during New York Fashion week recently. Designed as a reusable, BPA free and dishwasher safe replacement for its usual blue caps, the new built-in straw caps will be targeted specifically toward women, to prevent their lipstick from smearing when they drink.

The new straw caps have been made available to a “select” few, but will be available to the rest of us, hopefully, this summer.

Two Celebrities Join Forces
Sean Combs (P. Diddy) and Mark Wahlberg have joined forces to promote a new brand, Aqua Hydrate. Marketed as a high performance water without the sugar and calories found in traditional sports drinks or vitamin enhanced beverages." It's said to contain "performance-grade electrolytes and a higher pH level of 9+."

Ok, we’re not passing judgment on this water, just passing on the news. It is a purified water, and not one that is being added to our portfolio.

Spotted Somewhere….

We promise, this was not taken by Aqua Maestro in Florida. That’s not how we keep our water cold.

Can you find the hidden bottle of Hildon?

Hint: Looking for a bottle of 750ml still, and that’s not it, sitting on the hay in the center of the picture!


Actually, we should say available now, not coming soon. Gerolsteiner is the closest thing to taking mineral supplements. It is in the naturally carbonated classification, with the signature low pH of 5.9.

Also, in stock
Aranciata Rossa
(blood orange)

Over 90% of the world's supply of fresh water is located in Antarctica.

An acre of corn will give off 15,000 litres (4,000 gallons) of water per day in evaporation.

Over 70,000 different water contaminants have been identified.

A litre (.264 gallons) of water weighs 1.01 kilograms (2.227 pounds)

A gallon (3.7854 litres) of water weighs 8.435 pounds (3.826 kgs)