Hidden in a quiet hollow, surrounded and protected by hundreds of acres of virgin forest, is a true treasure in the world of fine waters.

The source of Mist Premium Spring Water is an ancient aquifer deep underground that originates somewhere near the arctic cap. For over 1000 years nature has been filtering the steady stream that now flows freely from this natural spring, and it is as pristine today as it was over 200 years ago when the current bottlers acquired the property on which the spring is located.

Mist's Premium Spring Water has been chosen among the best tasting waters in the world at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition for five consecutive years. As the holder of numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze metals, it has won more awards from that organization than any other entry in the 13-year history of their competition.

The only thing more distinctive than the taste of Mist Premium Spring Water is its sleek bottle, fashioned of heavy-grade European glass. Truly a work of art and recognized as such at the 2008 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting - received the People's Choice Gold Medal in the highly competitive packaging design category.

Aqua Maestro is the first to offer this world-class product, which just happens to be bottled right here in the United States.

Water Events
International Las Vegas
Restaurant Show

Last month we mentioned we were off to the 2008 International Las Vegas Restaurant Show. Well, we put it all on black, but we’re still here selling water, so as you might guess, that didn’t work. The show on the other hand, to put it mildly, was a great success. We spoke with chefs, buyers, directors and restaurateurs from most of the large hotels and casinos, and countless individuals from all over the country. We were even fortunate enough to be given a merchandising booth in the lobby, which certainly helped people find us a bit easier. We are now scurrying to open our warehousing there, in order to provide the service we have just promised.

Premium Water Summit in Barcelona
Aqua Maestro has been formally invited and has accepted an invitation to a two day summit which will take place on May 5th and 6th, 2008 at the luxurious Hotel AC Miramar in Barcelona, Spain. Scheduled is a full program of discussion panels, presentations and networking sessions; as well as cocktails and a gala dinner.

For some time now, there has been a need and general desire to establish an informal network between the owners and top executives in the industry. Individuals from all aspects of the fine water industry have been invited to this “Premium Water Summit,” and Aqua Maestro is proud to be considered among this elite group.

News from around the world
Bottled water faces challenge in Washington State
As printed in February’s issue of Beverage Industry, a trade publication, Washington State is now following suit, and joining those states banning or taxing bottled water. The proposed law would go into effect Jan. 1, 2010 and would ban the sale of petroleum-based water bottles “by any retail store, wholesale club or vending machine provider.” It also would prohibit State agencies from buying such products. The International Bottled Water Association issued a response saying, “Many people choose (bottled water) because it does not contain calories, caffeine, sugar, artificial flavors or colors, alcohol or other ingredients they want to avoid or moderate….any actions that prevent consumers from drinking water, whether from the bottle or the tap, are not in the public’s best interest.

Congress seeks ‘wide’ GAO probe of bottled water
The chairman and vice chair of a House subcommittee called recently for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct a “wide-reaching” investigation of the bottled water industry, particularly relating to the industry’s recent rapid growth and its environmental impacts.

Specifically the request cited;
• Effects of water bottles on municipal landfill capacity
• Effects of energy use on the transportation and manufacture of bottled water
• Labeling of bottled water and how it relates to bottled water sources and purity
• Regulations now used by states or other nations to regulate the quality of bottled water.

The industry’s trade association, the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), responded in a statement that it “stands ready to work with [the GAO]” to provide information demonstrating the industry’s “outstanding record of environmental stewardship, conservation and sustainability practices" and further welcomes the opportunity to share important facts about bottled water with the GAO and our nation’s elected officials.

The entire article may be found here:

HI proposes 5-cent surcharge for bottled water
HONOLULU — State lawmakers in the House Committees on Energy & Environmental Protection (EEP) and Water, Land, Ocean Resources & Hawaiian Affairs (WLH) were scheduled to hear legislation that would impose a 5-cent surcharge for bottled water produced or distributed in Hawaii.

Joseph Hartzman, director of sales and marketing for Menehune Water Co. Inc., a Hawaii-based bottler of purified water, has labeled the proposed tax a “witch hunt” against the bottled water industry.

For more information click here.

Canadian bottled water convention
The 20th Annual Canadian Bottled Water Convention and Trade Show will be held April 23-25 at the Sheraton on the Falls Hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario, according to its sponsor, the Canadian Bottle Water Association (CBWA).

For more information click here.

Brands in the News

Highland Springs, our condolences
Joe Beeston OBE (Order of the British Empire) sadly passed away February 25, 2008, the first person to have been honored by the Queen for services to the UK bottled water industry. Joe's business contribution was remarkable. He kept the faith with a single minded approach to Highland Spring, building it into a greatly respected brand.

Fiji steps up with a few facts of their own
Here in the US and abroad, consumer groups and politicians have accused bottled water of a massive environmental impact, condemning huge amounts that travel thousands of miles. The latest argument being bantered back and forth comes out of the UK where… “For a start, no one is suggesting that bottled water contributes more than 0.1% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Times (UK) newspaper has highlighted imports from the United States and Fiji. The Government's own trade figures show these were in fact as little as 0.03% and 0.04% of the UK bottled water market in 2006.

Fiji Water said its water only comes by ship and a full year's UK imports created less carbon than a return flight from London to New York. Yet somehow BBC Panorama (UK’s equivalent of 60 Minutes) couldn't avoid its flight to Fiji to investigate.

If Fiji water is wrong, what about the £2 billion of wine imports from Australia, South America and South Africa. And why not ban beer from Mexico or India, vodka from Russia, cut flowers from Kenya or computers from Japan?

By the numbers
A recent 2007 Zenith International report on global bottled water consumption shows continued growth throughout every region of the world. A comparison by country lists the greatest consumption per capita coming from UAE at 227 liters per person. Italy at 176 liters and Spain at 143 come in 2nd and 3rd respectively. The US ranks 11 at 105 liters per person and the UK is at # 40 with 38 liters. A summary of the report may be found here.

Another report by market research company Euromonitor International revealed for the first time, volume sales of bottled water in Eastern Europe exceeded those of carbonated soft drinks. There were 12.8 billion liters of bottled water consumed last year, compared with 12.6 billion liters of carbonates.

The report also says bottled water will continue to outperform for the next five years by a projected 23 percent. This same trend is apparent in the US and throughout Europe with additional pressure added by legislation preventing the sale of sugared carbonates in schools.

Additional information may be found here:

To order, please call or email Alexis Donney-Brillinger in the Private Client Division – 561 392 3336 x 100; adb@aquamaestro.com

Wholesale inquiries should be directed to Shirley Costanza, sc@aquamaestro.com.

A person must consume 2 litres of water daily to live healthily. Humans drink an average of 75.000 litres of water throughout their life.

Americans use five times the amount of water that Europeans use.

Four litres (1 gallon) of gasoline can contaminate approximately 2.8 million litres (750,000 gallons) of water.

Over 90% of the world's supply of fresh water is located in Antarctica.

80% of the earth's water is surface water. The other 20% is either ground water or atmospheric water vapour.

If all the world's water were fit into a gallon jug, the fresh water available for us to use would equal only about one tablespoon.

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