Highland Spring

Welcome scotch lovers! Highland Spring, located in the Ochil Hills near what today is Gleneagles, Scotland, is back. As with many of the ancient great brands, it is hard to place a precise date on the first time water was drawn from this source We know for sure that King James IV of Scotland kept a few flasks in his kilt as far back as 1503. And it’s likely that the native Celts were enjoying the same water as James, and us today, for thousands of years before that.

The modern Highland Spring's plant was christened by a member of Parliament in 1984. This followed the acquisition of the brand in 1979 by the Altajeer family, and they still oversee the operation today.

Highland Springs runs four massive bottling lines. Their rate of output ranges from 16,000 bottles per hour up to 37,000 per hour, depending on the line and packaging. The plant is in the village of Perthshire, and sits to the west of the north-south motorway that runs the length of Scotland. The hills where the water is drawn cover a large area to the east of the motorway.

The water is drawn from a protected underground source where no farming, agricultural spraying, building or habitation is permitted within the 2,000 acre (about 8 km²) catchment area. The land has been kept free from pesticides and pollution for over 20 years, enabling it to become the first British brand of natural mineral water to achieve organic status for its catchment area

Three 3” and one 8” stainless steel pipes carry the water from the collection sheds approximately two and one-half miles to the bottling facility, where the water goes into holding tanks. The water is untouched throughout the entire process.

Highland Springs is a very low TDS (total dissolved solids) water at only 136 parts per million. The main feature is 35 milligrams per liter of Calcium, and a slightly alkaline, almost sweet flavored pH of 7.8. The water has 136 parts per million of bicarbonate, and nearly zero nitrates, a very highly desirable chemistry. This glorious chemistry results from a long term filtration process of fresh rain water through the heather-clad slopes, and down into subterranean aquifers.

The brand is available in 1.0 Liter Glass – both still and sparkling. Highland Springs is considered one of the great waters of the world, and we’re glad to bring it back in. Recently they have been given “Superbrand” status for the seventh year running, yet again confirming its position as one of the greatest British brands.

Water In The News...
IBWA Corrects Misleading Video on Dr. Oz Show
On January 31, 2013, IBWA contacted producers of the "The Dr. Oz Show," requesting that misleading footage from a January 29, 2013, segment about bisphenol-A (BPA) be removed. The segment opened with a narrated comment stating that BPA is found in “water bottles,” among other products. PET plastic bottled water containers, do not contain BPA. For more information click here.

Nestles’ Greening Up
Nestle installed its first wind energy project with the hoisting of two wind turbines at its Nestle Waters North America (NWNA) bottling plant in Cabazon, California. The turbines will provide wind power for 30 percent of the facility where the company produces its Arrowhead and Nestle Pure Life brand bottled waters.

Dramatic Jump In US Bottle Recycling
For those keeping track, just over 32% of plastic water bottles were recycled in 2010. The figure grew to nearly 39% in 2011 – which is more than double the plastic water bottle recycling rate of seven years ago. 2012 is looking to push that rate even higher, but the final numbers have not been tallied yet.

Another Reason To Drink Bottled Water
We hesitated to print this one, but we become barraged with all of the articles about banning bottled water, (we will address this in the next issue,) but our decision to include it was based on, the news is the news, so, the title reads; Body of Canadian Woman Found in Hotel Water Tank. A woman’s body was found in one of several water cisterns on top of a 600-room hotel in downtown Los Angeles. An autopsy has failed to determine whether she was killed or died accidentally. Fortunately, water tested from the hotel didn't contain any live bacteria that would cause illness. Those who chose to remain in the hotel were required to sign a waiver in which they acknowledged being informed of the health risks and were being provided bottled water. For more information click here.

South Beach Wine and Food Festival
The South Beach Wine and Food Festival is an epicurean delight that visits Miami annually in February. The 12th annual event ran from February 21st to 24th . Hosted by Southern Wine and Spirits of Florida and Florida International University, the event attracted more than 60,000 guests attending nearly 50 events and featuring more than 150 celebrated chefs. Among them, some of the renowned celebrity chef’s include Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, Paula Deen, and Emeril Lagasse. Aqua Maestro was present to support Danone (evian and Badoit) unveil their new Badoit 330ml plastic bottle. Just a few pictures…..

Can there be a better place?

The Grand Tasting, one of many events

Evian, one of the sponsors

Burger Bash on the Beach

Evian’s booth…for you northerners, the weather Saturday? Sunny and 86 degrees

Brands In The News...
Highland Spring has been given Superbrand status for the seventh year running, in the prestigious 2013 Consumer Superbrands listing-the influential annual survey of the UK’s strongest consumer brands

In The Learning Corner
Arsenic In The News Again…
Adding to signs of a weak immune system, the cleanliness of your drinking water can play a role in whether or not you get sick.

As many as 25 million Americans drink well water that contains more than the safe levels of arsenic determined by the EPA. Arsenic has been linked to several different cancers, and affects the immune response to swine flu as well. When researchers from Dartmouth Medical School inoculated two groups of mice with the H1N1 virus, the group that had spent 5 weeks drinking arsenic-tainted water developed suppressed immune systems, and many died. The mice that didn't drink the water got the flu but recovered completely.

If your well water tests high, consider switching to bottled water or investing in a remediation system that will remove the arsenic.

Spotted Somewhere...
(Hint: Does that say Zuma on the menu?)


Danone has introduced a new 330ml PET (plastic) bottle for Badoit, at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. Additional product is being loaded into containers and on its way to the US as we write this. Watch closely, we will make it available as soon as we have it in stock!

Since, we’re featuring a Scottish water, did you know the first municipal water filtration works opened in Paisley, Scotland in 1832?

It cost over $3.5 billion to operate the water systems throughout the country annually.

It is possible to drink water that was part of the dinosaur era because water is constantly recycled.

Water regulates the earth’s temperature (it is a natural insulator).

1% of the earth’s water is suitable for drinking water.