How Pure is Your Love?
This Valentine’s Day, how about telling her (or him) just how pure your love is. Express the depth of your feelings by giving a gift that comes from deep within. Yes, this Valentine’s day forget the wine and roses. Those days are gone. Instead, give a gift of natural spring water from some far off location that sounds like something from a time-honored fairytale. And we have many wonderful mineral waters that can fill that bill and help make this Valentine’s Day result in a very happy ending.

We decided to feature one our domestic waters this month, just to show that the good ol’ US of A can also compete in the world market of fine waters. Right here from upstate NY comes Saratoga.

Since the 14th century the springs of Saratoga have quenched the thirst of generations with some of the most crisp, clean tasting waters in the world. In fact, the wealthy from Europe and America came to Saratoga Springs for generations, in large part to enjoy the fine mineral waters that flow from deep beneath the lush Adirondack foothills. Soon Saratoga Springs became one of the most prestigious spa resorts in the country.

In 1872 a small family owned business emerged with the discovery of a new, plentiful spring source in Saratoga. This spring had an especially sweet, crisp taste to it. Born was the Saratoga Spring Water Company, with the idea to bottle and distribute this delicious water for all to enjoy.

Today, Saratoga Spring Water Co. shares generations of history, heritage, and knowledge, and still bottles their famous spring water at the same family-owned site as in 1872.

Saratoga Sparkling & Non-Sparkling spring water is available in an award winning cobalt blue glass bottle, coming in two sizes, 28 oz (.83L) and 12 oz (.35L).

Saratoga Essence is the answer to upscale taste. The non-sweetened fruit flavors combined with champagne like bubbles give Essence a sophisticated yet refreshing taste.

These fine waters plus their PET plastic variety are all readily available at Aqua Maestro.

The Latest Company News
Last month we indicated we were off to San Diego to the NAFTA Winter Fancy Food Show, and this month we are here to tell you how successful that trip was. It’s always nice to peruse the aisles and be recognized. No it’s not our mugs that gain instant recognition. It’s our Aqua Maestro nametag.

It was a jam packed event, and well worth attending to maintain our edge. And we were able to meet with some new brands and secure our relationship with old friends.

We are thrilled to see our expansion plans begin to come to fruition. We have signed an agreement with Eagle Rock Trading Company to open the territory in Las Vegas, Nevada. This effort will enable us to better provide direct services to the hotel and restaurant trade there, as well as provide Aqua Maestro the ability to warehouse our product and cut considerable expenses incurred by shipping truckload quantities from the East Coast to the West Coast.

To kick off this new venture, we will be attending and exhibiting in the 2008 International Las Vegas Restaurant Show. This year the show combines three venues under one roof; Food, Beverage and Lodging. We are already adding appointments to our schedule on the days surrounding the show to talk with those accounts that have faithfully become customers despite shipping distances.

Brands In The News…
Jan 11 ’08 Burger King fast food restaurants are switching their bottled water offering from PepsiCo Inc.’s Aquafina to Nestle’s Pure Life. Burger King which runs over 7100 restaurants across the United States was attracted to Pure Life’s “Eco-Shape” bottle, noting features such as being “environmentally friendly” and easy to tote.
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Jan 15 ’08 Volvic and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announce their plans for the launch of the N. American “Drink 1Give 10” Campaign, an initiative to bring clean drinking water to rural parts of Africa.
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Also according to reports, Danone Waters intends to delist its UK functional water brand Volvic Revive due to poor consumer response.

Cities In The News…
Jan 17 ’08 Madison, WI….The city partly known for its environmentalism is trying to go one step further by banning bottled water and the use of plastic grocery bags.

Several cities have already made this move, and others have tried taxing bottles. The efforts are met with mixed results, being fought by industry and trade groups. The International Bottled Water Association is fighting proposed bans in a number of cities.

Water bottlers use only a fraction of the groundwater, and manufacturers are adopting techniques that use less plastic.
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How Much Do You Spend On Water Every Month?
Madonna recently confided to a friend that she picked up a $10,000-per-month habit - water. Madonna only drinks specially blessed Kabbalah water and she told a pal that she spends an average of $10,000 on the consecrated liquid every month for her and her family of five. According to a close friend, Madonna ships cartons of it wherever she is staying. "This is the only stuff she will touch," says the Diva ’s frequent companion.

To order, please call or email Alexis Donney-Brillinger in the Private Client Division – 561 392 3336 x 100;

Wholesale inquiries should be directed to Shirley Costanza,

The only water we will ever have is what we have now.

Showers use 9 gallons of water per minute.

In some deserts, rain is so uncommon that the natives do not have a word for it.

The koala bear and the desert rat do not drink water.

"Water" was the first word that Helen Keller learned. "Water" was the last word spoken by President Ulysses S. Grant.

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