Happy New Year
There are many plans in the works for '08 at Aqua Maestro, and we're excited to get started. If we can quote from Oprah Winfrey, "...cheers to another year, and another chance for us to get it right..." That is a quote we take to heart and strive everyday to "get it right". Some of the areas we will be tackling this year are; expanded distribution points throughout the US to lower shipping costs, greater relationships with the waters we carry, offering the best service and price, and of course, the best selection found anywhere. New accessories to go along with your favorite water, and a new revamped website, which will be more interactive and offer you a chance to monitor your orders and usage. Both from the consumer side and wholesale side, managing and ordering your water will become a simple task.

Straight from the midst of the Vulkaneifel (Volcanic Eifel) comes Germany’s most popular water: Gerolsteiner's natural mineral water. Special geological circumstances typical to the Eifel are the reason for the unique flavor and freshness as well as the healthy substances contained in the water.
Mineral water is a pure product of nature. It is usually taken from the so called deep groundwater. Deep groundwater is the accumulation of many decades of rain water, filtered and purified while seeping slowly through the layers of sediment and rock

Due to the Volcanic Eifel’s geological history, Gerolsteiner mineral water is especially rich in minerals. Water that has gathered through the decades is taken from the depths. Every drop of rain is filtered and purified on its way through the various layers of rock. At the same time, the water is enriched with carbonic acid. Aided by the carbonic acid, the drop of water is able to assimilate minerals and trace elements from the otherwise non-water-soluble dolomite rock. Carbonic acid is also to thank for the water staying fresh and clear throughout the centuries.

The origins lie in the depths
The mineral water gathers in layers of rock located up to 200 meters beneath the surface, and is thus safe from environmental influences. It is pumped to the surface from 21 wells in Gerolstein and subsequently piped to the bottling facilities there. These pumping stations are electronically supervised to continuously control the wells' water level, the temperature and the mineral level.

Functional Water
Flavored and functional waters were a popular trend in 2007 and will likely gain traction in 2008 for several reasons. The first is Coca-Cola’s purchase of Vitaminwater — at $4 billion, Coca-Cola paid a hefty price for the brand and will expect it to perform. In addition, thanks to the “bottled water backlash” from environmentalists in 2007, Mintel International predicts, “We will likely see more functional waters, such as those with added vitamins and calcium, while consumers go back to the tap if all they want to do is quench their thirst.”

Whether or not consumers actually stray from bottled water, we agree that functional and flavored waters are more likely to escape the controversy that is affecting plain varieties.

Chicago's Bottled Water Tax Faces Opposition
The International Bottled Water Association, the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, the Illinois Food Retailers Association and the American Beverage Association recently filed a lawsuit to overturn Chicago’s new bottled water tax. The tax, which went into effect Jan. 1, adds 5 cents per container to bottled water sales and reportedly is intended to address environmental concerns.

“The Chicago bottled water tax is a bad idea for many reasons,” said IBWA President and Chief Executive Officer Joe Doss in a statement. “It is both unlawful and in violation of [the] state’s Constitution and will significantly increase the cost of this healthy, safe product.”

The associations argue that the ordinance unlawfully taxes a food product under Illinois law. In addition, they say the Illinois State Constitution requires tax uniformity, meaning that a specific product cannot be taxed when other similar products are not.

“Any actions to reduce the environmental impact of packaging must focus on all consumer goods and not target any one industry,” IBWA said in its statement.

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Is in stock…and is already selling like crazy… The bottle speaks for itself. We may offer it to fill in at the academy awards, if they run out of statues. Also, to go along with that special bottle are two accessories we now have too. A lighted display stand, and the perfect bag to carry it in. Look on the product for page both new items.

Our lighted display stand is the perfect match for our glass bottle. Place this pair on any table and turn it on. More romantic than candlelight!

This highly decorative sack will give this special bottle the wrap it deserves. An Aquadeco™ bottle in this sack makes an elegant gift.

Coming Up Next Month is the Berkeley Water Festival on February 21-24
Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting at The Country Inn at Berkeley Springs
More than 100 sparkling, bottled and municipal waters compete in the largest and longest running water tasting in the world. Open to the public. The recently added Aquadeco™ brand was the 2007 gold winner for package design. We agree, don’t you think?

We are off to the NAFTA…Winter Fancy Food Show in San Diego on January 13-15
Again, to maintain our competitive edge, we continually monitor and follow the latest trends and products offered from around the world. More than 1100 domestic exhibitors, as well as scores of international products are represented. Water is just one small portion of this extravaganza, but we like to maintain our visibility and exposure.

Moni's Teas
8 Twisting Lane
Sicklerville, NJ 08081
McMahons Farm, Inc.
305 Jackson Rd.
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

Tilt Room
541 10th Street, NW #212
Atlanta, GA 30318

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Finé Limited Edition
In an effort to make people more aware of the connection between aesthetics and functionality of a product, Finé has introduced its new, limited edition plastic bottle.

Most of the earth's surface consists of water; there is much more water than there is land.

There is the same amount of water on earth as there was when the earth was formed. The water that came from your faucet could contain molecules that Neanderthals drank…

Groundwater can take a human lifetime just to traverse a mile.

Most of the earth's surface water is permanently frozen or salty.

Water regulates the earth's temperature.